Sex tourism destinations that tout experience and cost effectiveness

Sex tourism destination

Sex tourism industry is a fast booming industry as it is gaining momentum and has become a major attraction for those who believe in adding a charm to their travel in a little enhanced way. However, a question that always pops up is that of the money involved. There are number of places that are offering sex as an integral part of their tour packages but popular the destination chances are it will take a toll on your pockets.

So, how to plan a travel that gives you maximum interest with least of money involved? It is for you to make a smart choice to travel to a destination that has sex tourism industry running for ages and does not obnoxiously price the experience so involved. There are places where sex tourism has been a part of an ingrained culture, well versed with the protocol of this profession and highly experienced. A travel to such destinations will likely prove to be a cherishing and memorable episode.

Some of the world’s most cost effective sex destinations that are highly skilled and experienced in the profession are:


It is one of the world’s most evolving sex tourism destinations. Sex has been a part of China’s travel for a very long time. Therefore, China’s experience as a sex destination has by far been most outreached and evidence of this lies penned in white and black down in pages of history. The country serves a sex industry thoroughly regulated by government officials, although prostitution here is illegal.

The country is flexible and relaxed for gay population, cities like Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou are host to large gay populations. Having a sex encounter with a minor can lead you to a lifetime imprisonment. Prostitutes infected with HIV/ STDs are not quite rare, so it is important to take precautions.


This destination is becoming more and more popular amongst sex hobbyists owing to the well-organized sex industry of Japan. Japanese are open and flexible about sex however, homosexuality is illegal. Tokyo is famous for its high-class sex tourism services. Japan offers one of the most cost effective and elating experiences you can ever have as a sex tourist.


Kenya is one of the most stable countries of Africa. This destination has a developed sense for sex tourism and provides you with much experienced sex practices. Although the place has very high rates of infection of sexually transmitted diseases and HIV, yet it is one of the most popular sex destinations. Therefore, the government does not say much on the practices that earns Kenya maximum tourists visit.


The government here is totally at peace with the sex tourism industry. Colombia is a popular global sex destinations for its experience in this field. An added factor for sex tourists eyeing Colombia as their favorite destinations is the personified beauty of Colombian women.


It is one of the most sex supportive tourist destinations. The government has taken up campaigns like ‘I am happy prostitution’; linguistic classes for sex workers and many more in order to promote sex tourism industry.


This destination has a relaxed approach towards sex and the sex tourism industry. In fact, the place is host to a sex theme park named Jeju Loveland on Cheju Island. Korea serves sex tourism around bars and salons where patrons meet the girls to have sex in a hotel or at home. Although sex tourism is a little higher in prices but it is almost indispensible in experience. Sex tourism in Korea is well- organized and sex tour agencies well package the tour.


Cost effective sex destinations instill experience but has its own risk as well therefore precaution is to be taken from the traveler’s end to make their sex travel a worthy one.

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