Simple tips for women to have healthy, clean life

Knowing as well as implementation of feminine hygiene is very important and necessary for millions of women all around the world. Feminine hygiene means, the vital care that a woman has to take of herself including usage and disposal of her sanitary napkins, taking regular baths, changing her undergarments everyday and taking care of herself as a whole.


Menstruation is an inevitable cycle that every woman has to go through after a certain age. In the medieval ages, woman resorted to leaves, paper strips, strips of cotton, linen and clothes for covering themselves and protecting themselves during periods. However, as time progressed and people learnt to become civilized, they started using cotton pads and tampons for protection from periods. When feminine hygiene is concerned, woman should know the best way of protecting themselves and maintaining good health and hygiene.

Tips for women to have healthy, clean life

The vagina is a very sensitive part of a woman’s body, and it must be cleaned thoroughly after urination. An unclean vagina gives rise to diseases like Urinary Tract infection, irritations and other kinds of infections. Since it is a very sensitive part, you should ensure to clean it softly with gel soap during bath. Try using mild liquid soap and not something which is very harsh. You should not use any kind of talc, perfume or deodorant here, because it may cause irritation and swelling. One should also ensure to clean her vagina after intercourse.


Remember that during periods, you should invest on the best quality branded sanitary napkin. There are a variety of brands which are available in the market, but you should try searching for the best one – the one that would suit you. There are number of varieties like heavy flow, excel with wings, and napkins for heavy, light and night flow.

Also ensure that you change your sanitary napkin after every six hours maximum. Wearing a sanitary napkin for too long gives rise to odor, infection, and leaks as well. If you frequently change your napkin, you will feel fresh and clean. Also make sure to have napkins available before hand so that you do not have to rush when periods begin.

You should regularly take a shower. When you have periods, ensure that you take bath in cold water so that your period is temporarily stopped. Hot water triggers the blood flow. Since there are changes in the hormone during your periods, women tend to sweat more then often. A regular bath of cold water will help them to cool down.

It is recommended that while having periods, one should not indulge in sexual intercourse. It not only makes the place dirty but also is not safe for sex at this point of time.


Make sure to dispose your tampons and pads in a clean place from where it can be removed later. It is not recommended that you flush them as it may lead to clogging. Many women are now resorting to tampons which they need to put into their vagina so that all the blood is soaked from there itself.

These are some few simple steps in which a woman can keep herself clean and fresh. You will find yourself healthy.

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