Spiritual versus mechanical sex

Several different relationship studies have tried to point out the real difference that lies between the spiritual and mechanical sex. So far, the definition of spiritual sex has been established as the sacred force that forms between the body and soul, which is expressed by the feeling of self-awareness evoked by both male and female partners within the creation of that scared union. People who have experienced this union of two souls have considered spiritual sex as the most gratifying as any other kind of union. While on the other hand, mechanical sex is focused mainly on one’s body, orgasm and conception with minimum intimacy, inspiration or meditation. Although it is more common, but unlike spiritual sex it loses its appeal very quickly.

Doing the duty sex

Mechanical sex or the duty sex is like going through a specific motion mainly to satisfy any kind of cultural or spousal expectations or to maintain peace in the relationship. This is a simple act of release where your soul doesn’t play any role. Studies suggest that almost 84 percent of women and 64 percent of men performs duty sex most of the time.

Gender division

It has also been found that, besides duty, many women also engage in sexual intercourse for some other physical reasons such as to get over cramps or a headache, to relax or to sleep better or even out of jealousy. Although these reasons might make them connect physically but this kind of sexual relationships pushes them even further away from making any spiritual connection with their partner. Moreover, modern demands make it more difficult for both men and women to connect spiritually.


Opening your heart, mind and also schedules

If you want to enhance the feeling of sexual satisfaction and connection with your partner then first, you need to make enough time for sex. You will have to be more progressive and need to put in a little effort to make schedules for spending time together with your partner. Even if you have kids, do not refrain from making time for your partner to initiate both sexual and spiritual intimacy between yourselves. Another way of introducing more spirituality in your life is to classify yourself spiritually. It has been found that people who engage themselves in regular practice of spiritual art like yoga or meditation also experience increased levels of sexual desire and sexual arousals. So, do not miss the chance of having a healthy sexual life by performing mechanical sex when with a little effort you can easily connect with your partner both sexually and spiritually.

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