Steps to seduce her and make her beg you for sex

Women like being chased but they enjoy being teased much better. Most men fail to recognize women as sexually charged individuals. They want sex as much as you do and with the right foreplay techniques, you can make any woman beg for sex.

Women like being dominated and teased in the bedroom. It gives them an opportunity to fulfill their dark desires. Take advantage of this weakness and seduce your ladylove so much that she pleads you to have sex with her with the help of following tips.

Set the mood and attract her

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Maintain a good physique and have a conversation with her. Verbal foreplay often ends at a clothes ripping session of sex. Use your smile, intellect and personality to attract her and take her to the bedroom. Make sure the ambience is right for setting the mood. Light a few aromatic candles and pour her some wine. Let the game begin.

Build up the tension

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While you sit chatting on the bed take time to make your move but not too long. Move your hand behind her head and draw her close to have a taste of her lips. Even if she is already excited, take your time in removing her clothes. Kiss her body above the clothes and then kiss every part that you unclothe little by little.

The prolonged and teasing foreplay

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You have to have great self-control if you really want her to beg for sex. Lay her down on the bed and slowly start kissing down from the lips, stopping for a minute or two at the breasts and belly button. Go down till her feet and start working your way up. Kiss using your tongue and mouth alternatively, nibble and suck gently on the skin. You should give special attention to the back of her knees and soft skin of the inner thigh.

You may rub your face or chin a little on the genital area but don’t go there yet. Go back up to the breasts and this time shower your attention on them. Suck on the skin around the areola before kissing and tugging the nipples.

Again, go down the way you came up and kiss her inner thighs. Then come up to press your naked body against her and kiss her on the lips. She will be expecting you to insert at this point. Just grind your penis on her genitals and then start with an oral stimulation routine, kissing the inner and outer parts of her vagina. Also this time stimulate the clitoris. She will be wet and beg you to penetrate. Sex can be more beautiful, satisfying and passionate when your lady partner is completely in the mood like this.

Proper sexual stimulation can make any woman shed her inhibitions and beg you for sex. Practice self control and keep teasing her until she breaks into moans.

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