Super 8 Kama sutra position explained

Kama Sutra, the ideal sex manual that has been written by the Hindus of the medieval period gives us a clear picture of the various sex positions that have been practised by couples ever since their presence on earth. The main aim of sex is to give pleasure to each other physically as well as mentally. Kama Sutra stresses on the fact that sex is as important for couples as is eating, drinking as sleeping. It not only stresses on the physical aspect of life but also stresses on the social, cultural and moral values that make up the society. The 69 unique positions of sex has been described in a clear and lucid manner in the Kama Sutra and people who would like to spice up their married life can have a look at these positions. Though some positions are a little difficult to perform and asks you to be nothing less than trained gymnasts, some of them are as simple as that and can be performed by anyone. The Super 8 Kama Sutra position is a position which amateurs can also try out.


How it is performed


In the Super 8 position, you need to lie on your back on the bed naked with your legs open and spread wide apart. In order to elevate your buttocks, placing a pillow beneath it will be great. Ask your partner to lie over you, his face facing you. Ask him to lie down in a comfortable position so that he can see you as well as thrust inside you. Arouse him and make him erect so that his penis can be smoothly inserted inside you. Arch up your buttocks so that penetration becomes simpler and soothing and so that his penis touches your cervix and G Spot.




This is a position which would give you extra satisfaction both for you and your partner. Arch your hips as much as you can so that his penis can insert you deeply and strongly and asks him to thrust hard. While thrusting make sounds like “oo and aah” which will arouse both of you equally. Also try and fondle your own breasts and also make faces so that he cannot control himself and reaches orgasm. Guide his hands to your breasts and ask him to lick it and bite your nipples. Apply some gel or cream for that smooth and slippery feeling. Also try it out with food like butter, chocolate, jam, yogurt or fruit juice.




This is a position where you can get pregnant very quickly as the penis is in a position very near to the cervix. So wear a condom before your partner ejaculates within you. Also make sure that your partner does not get too excited and thrusts too hurt or else you may get hurt.

 Super 8






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