The first night sex guide for the bride

Sex is an indelible part of every marriage, and is much more than a simple process of reproduction. Sexual companionship brings both partners closer to each other mentally as well as emotionally too. After all, your partner will be the only person in your life after marriage, who will be giving you sexual pleasure when you need it most. A good sexual life depends on the passionate proximity between couples and this feeling infuses a fire in your relationship.

The foundation to a gratifying sexual life depends on the first night, when both partners will usually have the first sexual encounter with the other. For the bride, especially if she’s a virgin, it becomes essential to have good knowledge about making love, so that she knows what she is going to experience, and then begins the learning curve to master the art, something which is going to take a lot of time.

Sex has always been taken as a healthy expression and an important part of a relationship that is strong to take on the challenges life might throw at you in the future. As we previously mentioned, the foundation for all this is laid down during the first night. During the first night it becomes important for the bride to speak up her mind with her partner. Though most brides feel a little shy in the beginning, they should set aside the shy feeling and speak up with their partner about their likes and dislikes, while also mentioning about the most sexually sensitive parts in her body.

The next thing begins with wearing attire that is both revealing and above all sexy. Hot lingerie will be perfect for the occasion and to add an icing on top of the already delicious cake, the lingerie should be in hot colors such as red or purple. If you are a virgin, make sure that your partner knows about it before starting making love, as only then will he be able to ensure that you are in the most comfortable position.


For a virgin bride, it becomes necessary to know that your first sexual experience can get a little rough and painful. However, she should also remember that this pain will eventually lead to the divine feeling, which she will enjoy the rest of her lives. Before you eventually end up having sex, it becomes important for the bride to entice her partner by kissing him all over his body and then caressing him on the most sexually sensitive parts of his body. Once you get him in the mood, the next will be an automatic process, where your partner will repeat the same on you and you will start getting into the groove.

While there is no limit of sexual positions you can try, a virgin bride needs utmost care in the beginning and the best position in this case would be the one where you are on top of your male partner and the weight on your body is the minimum. Brides should also keep informing their partner, preferably in a low voice, about his moves that they are enjoying and what is the move that is not exciting enough. Brides should always remember that this is the beginning of something new and exciting, which will carry on for the rest of their lives and try to build a strong foundation during the first night itself, so that the rest of your sexual life can become a strong building between you and your partner.

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