The G-Force Kamasutra sex position


The g-force, as indicated by the very name, is a gravity defying sex position and is also known as g-spot or pile driver position. It is a man on top position wherein woman lies down on her back but with the catch that her only upper back and shoulder region is touching the surface and the lower back and thighs are in the air, held by the male counterpart. This position requires lot of flexibility on part of both the partners. Though the g-force is a difficult position to get in but once the partners get into the position, it’s quite arousing and satisfying for both the partners. This position is deep penetration position with high degree of clitoris as well as g-spot stimulation. Good position for both vaginal as well as anal sex.

G-Force Explained

To start the coital in this position female counterpart lies down on her back and start raising her legs up in the air and bringing close to her chest. Male partner kneels in front of the female counterpart and holds her with ankles and brings close to him. After holding her ankles, male partner starts bending her ankles towards her head to raise her lower back above the surface. Only parts touching the surface are her shoulders and the head. After getting into the position, male partner penetrates her from the top, holding her ankles and her legs touching his chest or resting on his shoulders. In this pose, male always remains in an upright position during the sex. In this position, the male partner enters the female counterpart by pointing his penis downwards and starts thrusting. This position can be uncomfortable for the female partner, as she is holding herself on her head and shoulders. To balance her body, she can hold male partner’s thighs during the act of lovemaking.

How it ensures maximum satisfaction?

In this position, female partner’s body is raised above the ground and her legs bent towards her upper body, so this ensures deeper penetration. Due to the deeper penetration, g-spot and clitoris stimulation is very high and both partners can achieve orgasm during this position. Woman can even masturbate during this position as she can stimulate her clitoris by rubbing it.


Both partners should be highly flexible to perform this gravity defying position. Care should be taken by male partner and he should not thrust himself too hard as it can strain his genital ligaments, as the penis is pointing downwards during the sex. This position should not be performed when one of the partners, especially female, is having bad back or lower back problems.



The g-force is very exotic sex position, wherein both partners face each other. In addition, it scores high on all levels of the sexual satisfaction, like depth of penetration, angle of penetration, g-spot stimulation and the clitoris stimulation.


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