The Hinge Kamasutra sex position


In Hinge sex position, as the name suggests, the male and female counterparts are interlocked like a hinge during the lovemaking. This position is variation to the doggy position in which the female counterpart is on her all fours, leaning forward onto her elbows and facing away from the male counterpart. Male partner is also sits on his knees and leans backwards while supporting his body weight with one arm. He then places his one leg is between female counterpart’s legs and enters her, and female thrusts herself backwards and forward. It’s a male dominant position wherein male partner gets deeper penetration, as the female partner helps in thrusting by moving to and fro. And like the doggy style position of lovemaking, the Hinge sex position is a deep impact position with great g-spot stimulation.

The Hinge Explained

This position is achieved by alteration in the doggy style position. Like the doggy style position, first the female counterpart lies on her knees and arms (like a doggy) facing away from her partner. Then the male kneels, putting his one thigh between her legs, and then penetrates her. After that he leans back and holds his weight on one arm. He then starts thrusting in and out of the vagina. Female counterpart also moves back and forth, thus helping in the thrusting during the lovemaking.

How it ensures maximum satisfaction?

Hinge sex position is essentially a primitive position of lovemaking, and it ensures higher degree of male satisfaction, due to the placement of one thigh of male between the female’s legs, and ensures greater friction between the vagina and the penis. Male gets deeper penetration and as female also moves back and forth during the lovemaking, she also gets higher degree of stimulation.


In this sex position, the male should not thrust too fast during the lovemaking as his penis can get out during the coital, as he is leaning back and thus can break the continuity. He could also get tired during the lovemaking as he is holding his body weight on his one arm only.



Straightforward variation of doggy style position of lovemaking, thus the hinge sex position is primarily a male dominant rear entry fetishist position. Male counterpart gets deep penetration and higher degree of friction. It is a good position for female g-spot stimulation but there is very less clitoris stimulation. The Hinge cannot be considered a passionate position as both counterparts are not facing each other.


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