The Landslide Kamasutra sex position



This is a male dominant fetishist position, which is quite difficult to perform. In this position, female counterpart has little to do and she is stable during the act. This is a rear entry position, meaning that woman has to lie on her stomach facing the bed with folded forearms, or resting her face on the pillow. The male penetrates her from behind with legs in front of him and he is leaning back and holding himself with his hands, thus creating an obtuse angle between the partners.


The Landslide Explained


Landslide pose, as the name suggests, is a position wherein man slides on the female during the intercourse. To begin with, the female partner lies down on her stomach and stretches her legs straight out to ensure easy penetration. Male counterpart sits behind her on his buttocks with legs up front and outside of the female body, and then leans little backwards to penetrate her. After entering her, the male partner starts thrusting slowly and increases the speed of strokes gradually. In between female can also raise her buttocks or bend her back to get deeper penetrations, else she could place a pillow beneath her. This position is highly stimulating to the male counterpart, as he can see the penis coming in and out and can also grope her buttocks during the coital.


How it ensures maximum satisfaction?


This position is difficult to perform but it ensures full female g-spot stimulation due to the peculiar angle of penetration. And the male partner also enjoys deeper penetration, thus arousing his sexual desires. As female is practically immobile during the lovemaking and her hips are closer to each other, she can have the feel of every stroke and higher degree of sexual pleasure. She can bring her legs closer to each other for higher degree of friction thus enhancing her pleasure.


Precautions, if any


In this position, the male should not lean backwards too much as it can hurt his penis. To avoid this and change the depth of penetration, he can lean forward during the intercourse.




Though, it is a difficult position to achieve, but it does not require much. It is a very good position for deep penetration and g-spot stimulation. Practically no clitoris stimulation is achieved, as female lies on her stomach. The Landslide is a highly fetishist position for the male counterpart, as he can watch the vulva of female and his penis coming in and out of the vagina.


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