The Perch Kamasutra and tantric sex positions for ultimate pleasure

In any relationship, the art of making love is important. Sex is a basic human need; and when you have a partner; it’s one of the best ways to express your love. In this guide, we will show you how Perch Kamasutra and tantric sex positions for ultimate pleasure can spice up your sex life. Read on to find out more.

“Kama sutra” is the ancient Indian book written to teach readers the act of love making and sexual gratification. It is not only about sex but it’s the language of love which draws the couple entangling them closely in emotional and physical bonding. The object of Kama sutra was not only creating a physical bond between lovers, it also tries to reinforce their emotional relationship which is beyond all physical proximity. Kama sutra does not only talk about know sexual techniques; it also says a lot about having a better understanding with your partner and building a spiritual bonding with each other.

Many of the eastern and western authors have interpreted Kama sutra as the highest sexual guide book for having great sexual experience, which not only focuses at the carnal entanglement but also enhancing lifestyle and social norms to lead a life of dignity and positivity. It adds an artistic dimension to the pleasurable aspect of life. If one takes a good look at Kama sutra he or she will know that Kama sutra was not written to provide only guidance toward sexual relationship and exploiting various technique and art, but also teaches the way of having a healthy sex life and sustaining hale and hearty mental condition.

The Perch Kamasutra sex position

The Perch Kamasutra sex position

The Perch is yet another sitting on the chair sex position in which the male partner sits on the chair and the female partner is sitting on the lap of male partner, facing opposite to him, like a bird on the perch. In this sex position, the female partner is perched on the lap of male partner. In this position of lovemaking, the male partner enters his penis into the vagina of female partner and maximum work of thrusting is done by the female by bouncing up and down, while the male partner can help her by holding her hips during the up and down motion to increase the speed of thrusting. Practically, it’s a woman on top position with a little variation wherein both the partners are sitting on the chair.

The Perch Explained

To start the proceedings, the male counterpart sits on the chair with his legs apart and feet resting on the ground. The female counterpart perches on the lap of male counterpart, facing away from the partner, bending a little towards the floor so that male can insert his penis gently into her vagina. Then female can sit upright in his lap and slowly start bouncing up and down. She can put her hands on the male counterpart’s thigh to help herself in the bouncing during the act. She can also push back and forth to change the degree and angle of penetration. Male can speed up the strokes by holding her hips and bouncing them up and down.

How it ensures maximum satisfaction?

The Perch Kamasutra and tantric sex positions

This is woman on top rear entry position, so it yields great satisfaction to the woman and she gets maximum amount of sexual gratification as she is in the charge. Female can bend forward or backwards to change the angle and depth of penetration, depending on her level of satisfaction. Male has visual delight in front of him as he can watch his penis getting in and out and can caress her buttocks and grope her breasts. Female can also rub her clitoris during the action to achieve greater arousal.


Not much precaution is required as angles are appropriate and both partners are comfortably placed. But female partner can get tired sometimes, so male partner can help her during the thrusting. Female who are on little heavier side should avoid this position.

What is Tantric Sex?

Tantric Sex

There is lots of confusion associated with the term ‘tantric.’ The Sanskrit meaning of this term is ‘woven together.’ Tantric sex is a slow intercourse procedure adapted in the western culture from the eastern cultures, which weaves the bodies and souls of partners together so that they feel more connected. Tantric sex does not allow one to reach climax but it offers a prolonged state of orgasmic pleasure. So, the couple who indulge in tantric sex can enjoy orgasm without reaching crescendo. Couples can enjoy this slow sex for a long period of time without getting exhausted. There are several interesting sex positions for ultimate pleasure that couples can practice quite easily for emotional and physical fulfillment.

Yab Yum:

One of the key ingredients to soul searching with your partner is looking into their eyes. The saying that the eye is the window to the soul, is not without any reason. The Yab Yum position is particularly good for this purpose. Ask your man to sit cross-legged while you climb his lap and sit with your legs around his waist. The intimacy of bare skin hugging bare skin leads to finding the deeper connection that you two have. Start slow and thrust gently but also work on building up the pace. Prolonged orgasm will crown your efforts.

The Padlock:

The Padlock

It’s one of the happy go lucky tantric sex moves that you can indulge in whenever the mood strikes. Unbutton your dress and get on top of the high dining table or kitchen countertop. Wrap your legs snugly around your man’s girth and then make him enter you. You should lean back on your elbows to get a magnificent view of his body.

The Double Decker:

This one may seem to be a little difficult but once you try it, you will definitely get hooked to it. The girl has to lie on top of the man but her face will be towards the ceiling. It’s best to start in the reverse cowgirl pose. Insert his penis inside your vagina and then lie down. His warm breaths will adorn your back and give a sensuous feeling

The Butterfly:

The-ButterflyThis is another furniture based sex position. Don’t lie on your back but raise your hips to meet your man. Your man should have a firm grip on your hip for this position to be successful. Keep holding the table so that you can match his pace and enjoy the deeper thrusts. In tantric sex both partners need to be able to match each other’s breathing. The movements should happen in a synchronized manner.

Time Bomb:

This one can tick you the right way till both of your burst into beautiful sensations of orgasm. Take a chair and make your man sit on it. You have to sit on his lap with your feet touching the ground. In this position, you can enjoy great tantric sex and complete penetration to the fullest. It is known as Time Bomb. You are on top in this position but your man also gets to hold your hips and sway you. You two can reach orgasmic state together which enhances the pleasure.

Conclusion on sex positions for ultimate pleasure

Ultimate-sex-boosting-formula-for-malesThe Kama sutra is about making your partner feel better and involve in more active participation while having sex. It encourages tickling your senses to its limits. Sex, in the book, is depicted as an art of love making and bringing two hearts together. Kama sutra gives importance to “samavhog” which means equal pleasure. While getting close to your partner you must learn to satisfy his/her sexual desires and urges along with yours, because a great sexual relationship can be only achieved when both of the lovers enjoy it and with equal satisfaction. The sense of touch is a crucial factor of Kama sutra, it defines you and your image, as touch becomes a language when you get intimate with your partner. Learn to touch according to your desire and it must be dictated with excitement and anxiety, failing which it will only ruin the mood. Your touch should express your feelings towards him or her. By doing so, you will not only feel the sheer sensation but also a synergy which will drive your mind in a positive manner.

Perch position is a good variation to the normal and regular on the bed positions and is primarily a woman on top position and female partner achieves high satisfaction as she is in the control. On scale of sexual satisfaction, it is highly rated as far as the satisfaction for female partner is concerned. Penetration is deep and clitoris stimulation can be increased by female as she rubs her clitoris during the lovemaking. Male partner can also achieve higher arousal by holding his partners hip and increasing the speed of bouncing.

On the other hand, tantric sex positions for ultimate pleasure gives you a variation of postures; these sex positions aim to help couples build a beautiful bond. With such positions, the two of you can reach the ultimate state of orgasm; as well as understand how to improve and maintain your sex life.

Other features to be considered

The scripture of dressing is not to be ignored, as “shingaar” (the act of dressing) is one of the most important part, dressing could turn on your partner even if he or she is less interested in getting close. Remember the rules of seduction are mainly based on dressing as it implies how much you care for him or her. Your body language is something that ignites the sensations of love making. Kama sutra is not about mechanical love, it’s about the playfulness of love and sex. One must understand that love making and sex are not merely physical activities as they express your emotions and caring as well. So one must try the playfulness of Kama sutra, as it requires creativity and active participation and it’s also good for keeping the charm on incessantly. One should learn that Kama sutra is for complete physical, mental and emotional satisfaction with varied techniques involving fore playing to ultimate love making bliss.

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