The Reclining Lotus Kamasutra sex position

The reclining lotus is also one of the positions in the series of universal missionary positions like bandoleer, indrani and deckchair positions. It is regular man on top position in which the female partner lies on her back raising her legs in the air and then crossing them like a lotus. The male counterpart kneels in front of her and penetrates from the front and then the woman crosses her legs like the reclining lotus. In this position onus of thrusting rests with male counterpart and it also ensures deep penetration like other positions mentioned above wherein man is on top position. Also to ensure even deeper penetration, female can place cushion or pillow beneath her buttocks and by doing this, the angle of penetration can also be altered.


Reclining Lotus Explained  

Partners can gradually shift from the missionary position into this position. To get started into this position, woman lays down on her back with her legs raised above the surface and then she crosses her legs to make reclining lotus. Now the male partner kneels in front of her and then penetrates. Afterwards, the man starts thrusting by moving his penis in and out of the vagina. He can also perform grinding motion to stimulate the walls of the female partner’s vagina.


How it ensures maximum satisfaction?

Like other man on top positions, this position also ensures deeper penetration of penis, so the male partner really relishes this position. As the male partner is bent forward he can also caress the female partner with his hands by fondling her breasts and kissing in between the lovemaking. Female partner can increase the depth of penetration and her arousal levels by placing a pillow beneath her butts to raise the loin above the surface. This increases her stimulation levels. She can also stimulate her clitoris by rubbing it with her bare hands.


Precautions, if any

Female should avoid this position if they are not that much flexible as they have to keep their legs in the air for a long time. Prolonged sex during this position can also strain the female partner’s legs. Therefore, she can bring her little down during the lovemaking.


Alternative position from the regular missionary position, Lotus Kamasutra sex position is male dominant, man on top position while the female has to lie down on her back during the whole lovemaking act. This position ensures deeper penetration. The g-spot is also considerably stimulated in this position. Couples can explore this position to move from regular man on top position. In totality, Lotus Kamasutra sex position is a male dominated sex position.




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