The Star Kamasutra sex position


The star position is like a man on top position but with a little a variation. This position is a combination of woman lying on her back and man sitting position.  In this position, female partner lies on her back, like missionary position, but in this case one leg is bent and other leg is outstretched on the bed. Male partner sits down in the front female partner, lying flat on her back with legs spread. Then he slips his one leg under the bent leg of the female partner and the other over the straight, flat leg. In this pose, male partner’s pelvis strikes the lower hip of the female partner under her bent leg. This position ensures deep thrusting and higher friction which is very sensuous and arousing. In between, male partner can also raise the female partner’s bent leg straight up in the air to get in to the raised legs position, which in turn increases the level of sexual stimulation. Overall, it is a very good and easy position which ensures deep and harder penetration and higher g-spot stimulation. Both partners can play with the body parts of each other as their hands remain free during the lovemaking.

The Star Explained

To start the lovemaking in this position, the female partner lie down flat on her black, with both legs outstretched, to raise one leg bent at knee. Now the male partner kneels before the female partner, between her legs, with one leg bent and the other lying flat on the bed. He sits in such a way that his one leg is beneath the bent leg of the female partner and other leg bending around the flat outstretched leg of the lady. In this way both partners are struck in a star position. Then male partner starts thrusting his pelvis against the bent hip of the female partner. Thrusting by the male partner is achieved by the back and forth movement of his hips. The male partner achieves deep penetration in this position and can watch his penis going in and out of the vagina. In between he can also touch and rub the female partner’s clitoris for that extra stimulation. This position renders maximum g-spot stimulation for the female partner and she can also rub her clitoris during the trusting .Male partner is also free to hold and fondle her breasts.

How it ensures maximum satisfaction?

This position ensures maximum satisfaction for both the partners. Male partner can thrust vigorously in this position, through back and forth movement, with his pelvic. He achieves deep penetration for that extra stimulation. Female partner achieves satisfaction as both her g-spot and clitoris are considerably stimulated in this position.



The star position is male dominant position wherein the male is in complete control. But this is a very good position for both male and female partner as far as the sexual satisfaction is concerned. Also it is an easy position to achieve and may be followed after the missionary position.


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