Things you can change for a more exciting sex life

Whimpering, moping or sighing is never going to change your sex life. If you really want to bring some positive changes in your sex life then first closely inspect your lifestyle and habits. May be it is some of your lifestyle choices and habits which are affecting your sex life negatively. Wrong experiments in the bedroom can also spell disaster.

Some ideas of making your sex life more thrilling are simply over-hyped. You should be able to discern between a good advice and a silly one. Here in the following you will find out what really works in the bedroom and what changes in your lifestyle can save your sex life.

Things that should be avoided for a happy sex life

 happy sex life

Don’t let your sex life become stagnant or get into a routine. Creativity and innovativeness can help you in combating the monotony that is a byproduct of monogamous, committed relationship. Change the position of intercourse, have sex outside the bedroom and learn new techniques of stimulating your partner sexually.

Lack of physical hygiene can damage your sex life beyond repair. Take showers everyday, especially after getting back home from work, running or exercising. Brush and floss your teeth before going to bed and wear freshly cleaned clothes.

Concentrating only her major sexual parts like breasts and vagina is a big mistake that you must not commit. A woman has many erogenous zones. You have to explore these various erogenous zones for keeping her happy. Being hasty during foreplay is also a mistake.

Arouse her completely before taking things to the final level of intimacy. Shower sex is overrated because most couples cannot find a comfortable and convenient position while in the shower. However, you can enjoy showering together as the preliminary round to steamy intercourse.

Foods that might be ruining sex for you

 smiling couple having breakfast in bed at the hotel

Cheese is one of the foods which is not good for you if you have planned a really romantic and sexy session with your partner at night. Cow milk cheese reduces the testosterone level in a man’s body and as a result it is not good for the male sex drive. Coffee can get you high for a short period of time but on the long run it will increase your anxieties, making you less interested in sex.

Diet soda is unhealthy and does not help in improving your body shape. Instead of soda or diet soda you should try sipping water with lemon juice in it or coconut water. Fast foods like hot dogs and burgers are also not good for your sex life, as they tend to make you overweight. Obesity affects the sex drive of both men and women adversely. Maintaining a healthy weight is a must for a great sex life.

More ideas for a better sex life

 Keep wearing the panty

Tease your partner as much as possible in bed. Keep wearing the panty to provoke and excite him for a long time by probing and touching through the material. Try role playing once in a while and enact sex scenes from Hollywood movies. Give and receive sexy massages for enjoying a sense of intimacy.

For a healthy sex life one must follow a healthy lifestyle and keep innovating new love making tricks in the bedroom. Realistic sex positions coupled with excellent foreplay can always keep your sex life fresh and enjoyable.

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