Top 6 cities offering the best sex opportunities in 2015

best sex opportunities

Sex being an important element in human life is intimately linked with physical and mental gratification. This primitive and primary instinct which is also a very powerful drive has a far reaching impact on the well being of a person. A satisfying sex gives one an enormous ‘feel good’ sensation not comparable with any other external stimuli.

Here we enlist some of the best cities of the world where you can have safe and gratifying sex with the person who sets your heart aflame on site:

1) Rio de Janeiro, Brazil:

The capital city of Brazil picks up a global fame for its legendary sun bleached awesome beaches, a pulsating nightlife, a plethora of colorful festivals, one of the most flamboyant and wild of its kind and last and the most important element of a casual and liberal attitude towards sex. The sea beaches are far too bold with a breath stopping display of topless bikini clad sun tanned beauties. It is for certain both of you would be encouraged by the beach atmosphere, and you would intensely love to see your sweetheart in one of those seductive outfits while you go on a frenzied photography spree. After the beach and swim episode comes piping hot Brazilian mouth-watering food on the table. Enjoy the food and enjoy the beach with all attractions laid out before your eyes. Now it is time to have sex in one of those cozy beach resorts. It would be a real earth shaking voyage, passionate, wild and gratifying.

2) Amsterdam, Holland:

Amsterdam is colorful, liberal and tourist friendly with a network of wonderful canals and the legendary windmills. The attitude towards sex is supportive with chic apartments, cozy hotels and luxury resorts where you can have safe, hygienic and passionate sex with your lover. The Dutch government and the ministry of health and hygiene advocate a healthy sex life for locals and tourists as well.

3) Moscow, Russia:

Moscow is a good place for having a great sex adventure where your fiancée is your intimate partner. All consumed in the fire of passion, the lovers have a hassle-free atmosphere in a stylish Moscow hotel to explore each other to find out who is more sensitive, wild and subtle. The casual attitude towards sex in Moscow is a notable feature that would appeal the lovers a lot. More importantly, Moscow’s sex pro administrative and social setup attends to the needs of women which have made it a hotspot for tourists seeking ecstatic sexual experience with a lover in this Russian capital.

4) Las Vegas, Nevada:

Las Vegas rolls in affluence and a smoking intoxication, which is viral on the tourists resulting from a hyperactive nightlife built on the premises of all night music, neon beeps, food, wine, casino generated cash flows and of course a great and exciting sex venture where you both are efficient players charged with a random mix of lust, passion and an enormous appetite for physical intimacy. The atmosphere of this world famous gambling hub serves you the right aphrodisiac for spicing up your sex life, and you wish your stay in Vegas would have been an eternal sojourn where achieving perfect and a gratifying sex is the eventual target of life. Statistics reveal that one-fourth of the tourists visiting this round the clock action packed city engage in tension free sex on a regular basis.

5) Berlin, Germany:

Berlin is one of the most liberal cities in the world in terms of sexual ventures. The city promotes a hassle free and healthy sexual act of intimacy between partners. Being a super hi tech and affluent city with top grade all round facilities, having sex in Berlin would be safe, secured, animated and loaded with ardor. Prerequisites for a satisfying sex are a congenial environment, good food and a decent accommodation apart from the visual stimulations that works wonder. Berlin has all of them!

6) New Orleans, Louisiana:

This vibrant city is nicknamed “The Big Easy” for its easy and tension free happy go lucky approach to life. Tourists to this fun packed city honestly confess that good and gratifying food, vibrant atmosphere and soul touching music has a powerful impact on sex life. The combination of the three elements enormously drives towards greater satisfaction.

7) Madrid, Spain:

Madrid the capital city of Spain offers great sex opportunities to be shared with your partner. Attitude of the local crowd towards sex is very flexible and in fact they encourage you to have passionate sex with your partner for which adequate supportive facilities like cozy accommodation, a great mix of wine and Spanish cuisine and of course live and rhythmic music go a long way in adding fuel to the flame of your sex life.

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