Top Sex-Destinations of the World

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These top hot-spots of the world are for the more daring travelers who are looking for that ‘something extra’. Find out the world’s most popular sex destinations.


Thailand has earned international notoriety for itself,  for the incredible and easy-to-procure sexcapades it offers. Whether its Bangkok’s ‘ping-ping’ shows or the not exactly delicate disguise of spas which offer ‘happy endings,’ everyone with some thinking knows exactly what’s going on there and most who visit are there to take advantage of it too.

Experts have put the number of sex workers here at a dizzying 2.8 million, the act of exchanging money for sexual fulfillment is not illegal and the commercial aspects of this well-paid business is well-protected by influential officials who have vested interests in the same. As such, it’s number one on our list of sex tourism destinations and quite possibly one of the safest too.

Costa Rica

When it comes to the Western Hemisphere, Costa Rica dominates in the sex tourism front . It’s been officially termed as one of the world’s top sex tourism destinations and experts maintain that it is experiencing a serious boom due to the larger numbers of Americans and Canadians traveling south for their ‘vacations.’

Besides, it’s not hard to imagine allowing for the fact that this part of the world is also infamous for having some of the most delicately beautiful and exotic women this planet has ever seen!


This is the sex tourism hot-spot of Africa, despite being one of the most dangerous too. Thanks to the HIV epidemic here, over 1.5 million people in this country are living with HIV Aids yet the sex tourism is still on a sharp rise for reasons we can’t grasp. Perhaps it is the incredible cheapness or huge supply that keeps the customers coming back for more?

Either way, if at all you ever plan a trip here, sex tourist or not, make sure you cover up before setting off an ‘adventure’.


This is where the gravely kinky and fetish-loving sex tourists come to satiate their desires. Most will agree that the high-quality nature and satisfying sex services offered here make this more fitting for the capital of sex tourism in Asia than Thailand.

Known for their stunning geishas, trained in 1000-year-old techniques and heaps of cultural nuances between the sheets, Japan probably offers the most exclusive experience to sex tourists all over the world.

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