Benefits and side-effects of masturbation

Benefits and side-effects of masturbation

The most common reasons of masturbation are lack of time for having sex with a potential partner and single status. Single people often resort to masturbation as the only way for reaching sexual climax. Many myths are associated with masturbation but almost all of them are baseless. Unless or until it becomes an addiction, masturbation does no harm.

Masturbation is also helpful in relieving mental stress and tension

Not all women find sex pleasurable from the beginning. Sexual taboos prevent women from getting in touch with their inner vixen and enjoying sex with their male partners. One of the biggest reasons behind such apathy for sex is the lack of self-knowledge. That is why sexologists are advising both men and women to explore their own bodies more often and enjoy masturbation.

Masturbation acquaints an individual with his or her own sexual organs. They get a clear idea about their sexual desires and needs. Such self-knowledge helps them in enjoying better sexual relationships later on. Masturbation or self-pleasuring paves the path to healthy sex life in a more mature stage of life.

6 Researchers have found that masturbation can enhance your immunity system. Ejaculation not just gives pleasure but also releases the stress hormone cortisol in your system. This hormone can help in improving your immunity system. Women can also benefit from masturbating in various ways. Ladies have to suffer from serious cramp pain during their menstruation period. Orgasms help in relieving muscle cramps and help a woman feel better even on those days of the month.

enjoying masturbation

Masturbation is also helpful in relieving mental stress and tension. Orgasm provides a few minutes of complete mental blankness, when your sole concentration is on the pleasure you get from masturbation. Such mind numbing pleasure is good at diverting your mind and offers rare insight of difficult situations. Masturbation can increase your blood circulation and enhances your mental capabilities. Research also shows that masturbation helps in preventing a dire disease like masturbation.

Masturbation is the best way of understanding your physical needs before you indulge in sex with your partner. It increases your sexual confidence and boosts your immunity system. But anything done excessively is harmful as we all know. Even masturbating without a limitation is categorized in compulsive masturbation which is a disorder that can affect your overall health.

Even though masturbation is important for realizing your withheld sexual tension, it can never justify compulsive masturbation disorder. Wanting to masturbate frequently is a real psychological disorder which many people are not quite aware of. This phenomenon brings with it plenty of dramatic changes in the body leaving a lot more side-effects in the wake of it.

What is compulsive masturbation disorder?

compulsive masturbation disorder

Compulsive masturbation disorder issue alludes to the condition in which you will have a desire to masturbate consistently, with or without any pornography. The recurrence of masturbation for various individuals differs. Some may never do it in their lives while others may do it 2-3 times each day.

You should look for proficient medicinal help in some serious cases to regard other related side effects. For example, despondency, nervousness, fanatical conduct, and the lack of ability to keep a sound relationship. However, masturbation itself doesn’t have any pernicious impacts.

What are the side-effects of compulsive masturbation disorder for both men and women?


Individuals with chronic masturbating habits have revealed to bring down back torment. Likewise, they may even get spasms or agonies in the pelvic zone or in the tailbone district.

It is said that in a few cases, chronic masturbation might affect one’s sex life. As it quite often happens, for individuals who indulging excessively in masturbation accomplishing climax and even erection is somewhat unrealistic without masturbation, which sometimes has a very bad influence on their sexual lives.

When individuals have habituated to unwinding their sex drives through masturbation alone, they tend to need some private time frequently even in the midst of office work to jerk off. Not-withstanding when stimulated marginally, they should need to go out taking a break to release themselves.

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