Vows that you must make for an exciting and vigorous sex life

One of the primary causes that lead to the disintegration of marriages is an unsatisfactory sex life. Apart from physical disabilities, sex health issues can also be born out of inhibitions, boredom, stress and other psychological problems.

A healthy sex life is a primary condition for a healthy conjugal relationship. Though you cannot prevent sex disorders that stem out of physical discrepancies you can at least change your mind set to make your sexual escapades more thrilling and fulfilling. For this you have to make some vows and stick to them resolutely.

Take a vow to find out what you desire

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Life is too short to keep your dark fantasies shut inside a box in your brain. Unlock the box and take charge of your sex life. There is no limit to the number of sexual adventures that you and your partner can embark on, once you find out what you want. Explore your erogenous zones where you are most sensitive.

Try new methods of sensually arousing these regions. Tell your partner how and where you want to be touched. Don’t expect him to know. Send him elaborate text messages with explicit descriptions of the kind of sex you want with him.

Take a vow to be sexy

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When was the last time you bought sexy lingerie? Do you even bother to take a look at yourself before going to bed? After a long day of hard work all you feel up to is probably food and sleep. Even if you two have been married for a decade or more, don’t treat your partner like a roomie.

Start pampering yourself right now. Set goals to get fitter and gain more confidence. Invest in sweet smelling body lotions, body butter and plunging night dresses. All this is not just for pleasing your husband but to bring back the romance in your sex life.

Vow to focus on sex more

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Thanks to technology there are distractions all around us. Many couples have confessed of thinking about work and kids while having sex. Unsurprisingly, there sex life is not that amazing. Don’t let your sex life get into a rut. Switch of cell phones and turn down the laptop before going to bed.Dim the light and create a soothing ambience suitable for sex and intimacy. Focus on your partner and enjoy the togetherness. Don’t be shy of going out of your comfort zone or else your sex life will remain one dimensional.

Every individual should make some sexual vows to explore their sexuality and enhance the romance in their intimate relationships. Unless you try to keep the romance alive, your sex life can never be satisfactory.

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