What you didn’t know about oral sex

Oral sex is pleasurable and a healthy part of a sexual relationship. Most couples indulge in oral sex to set the right mood for the main game. While oral sex is a common practice, there are many who are not aware of the stimulating oral sex. There are four very important things about oral sex that might surprise you and they are a must-know, especially for teenagers.

Here we will tell you all that you need to know about oral sex. In this ultimate guide to oral sex, we will tell you about what teens think about oral sex to the risk of cancer from oral sex. The popularity of oral sex has increased as the recent oral sex reports across the world. Before the Clinton years, oral sex was not discussed freely, but things have completely changed now.

Oral sex causing cancer

Yes, you heard it right. Oral sex can cause cancer. If you go into the details, then it is not exactly oral sex, but the HPV (human papillomavirus) that is passed from one person to another when the partners engage in oral sex. Cancer in throat and in the tonsils is due to this virus. This virus is a common one, but all HPV do not lead to cancer. They might lead to other less harmful disease also. The throat cancer from the HPV mostly affects those who are attached to drinks and cigarettes. The infection from this virus affects both men and women equally. However researchers are still trying to guess how many people suffer from cancer after oral sex. Though the number or the percentage of affected people has not been able to be found but it has been definitely proved that oral sex leads to Cancer. Vaccines and public awareness are the only means to combat oropharynx cancer (throat cancer).

Oral sex has different effect on different relationships

Among adults, oral sex might enhance some relations by increasing the intimacy. For others, it might be a reason of stress especially for those couple who are not too comfortable in performing this act. Many a times, stress might also be a cause because a partner might be health and hygiene conscious. Performance may be a reason that causes trouble between the parents and running their relationship. It might be a relationship booster for some people. The intimacy that is experienced in this act allows one to know each other all the more better.

Oral sex causing health problems

Most people do not take any protection when enjoying oral sex. Protection for them becomes a barrier. However protection is must, as it saves from HIV, viral hepatitis and syphilis. It is recommended that the partners take protection in the form of condoms for penis or even a dental dam.


Oral sex dominate among the teens

Oral sex rules over vaginal sex for teens, as they see that oral sex has no risky of pregnancy. Moreover, reports suggest that teens involved in oral sex only are less prone to STDs when compared with those involved in vaginal sex. Teens go for oral sex out of curiosity and to seek pleasure. Since the young are sexually active and they are much more aggressive than the older groups, oral sex has become more popular.

Oral sex is for pleasure and not pain, so the aforementioned factors should be kept in mind to enjoy the best of oral sex.




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