How to Keep Casual Relationships “Casual”


Relationships are the foundation of everything that we care for in this world. It is a complex connection of various feelings and emotions that ties us together. Even if we are not together, this thread will always connect us no matter what we do. Unfortunately, starting one seems to be a problem for most people.

You might see or read a lot of articles saying that keeping a relationship is harder than initiating one, but the latter also has some challenges. Most of which can be impossible to overcome by some people due to various issues like in this page.

On the other hand, technology has made it easier to connect with someone. Before the advent of social media, there was a dating site. These websites were created so that people can meet each other without going out. They can discuss everything right there and then without the promise of commitment.

It is also a nice way to release the tension as you can schedule a meeting with each other. If you think about it, this is just an easier way to schedule sex and share pleasure. This is the trend with most of the younger generation, as they see this as a temporary release from their mentalities. However, older people like this as well. 

Making It Work


However, other people use this to find a more stable relationship. Not every person is into a hookup and all they want is to settle down. These are usually those who were already burned by a previous relationship. Also, they are older and more mature in their ways. They want to have someone to love and be loved in return.

Although this takes more time than your casual hookup, most people find pleasure in forming commitment. If the real dating scene is already getting a little too rough, you can always use a website. Many people believe that you can never find true love online, but others beg to differ. It is a possibility and most people would chase that.

Meanwhile, there is a state of “in-between” these two concepts: the hookup and commitment. Yes, this is possible and it is known as a casual relationship. You can be connected without the pressures of commitment. However, it is not a simple hookup either.

You can be mutually exclusive which is safer for you especially if you are already doing the deeds. You would not want to be affected by any kind of sexually transmitted disease. Some of them might be harmless albeit embarrassing to experience. Unfortunately, most of them do give lasting damage or other life-threatening problems to the person.

As mentioned before, it is becoming far more popular these days for many couples because of the zero commitment that it gives. You do not need to think much about trust, loyalty and other aspects of a relationship. All you need to have is an agreement between the two of you.

This type of relationship is so much easier to form as well since it is usually just founded on physical attraction. As long as it is there, the relationship would be ongoing as well. You can also check out Hookup Websites casual relationship tipsfor more insights on how to deal with this romantic setup. For sure, this is something you would want to experience in your youth as well. 

Starting, Forming, Transforming

Meanwhile, it is also easy to break. After all, it is built from such fragile connections. However, you can still derive some sort of pleasure from it. No one wants a broken relationship, no matter how serious it is or otherwise. Even if it is a casual relationship, that is not an excuse to make light of it. There is another person involved in this situation, too. Below are some tips to not scare away your potential partner.

1. Clarify the relationship with each other


Before starting any kind of relationship, it is important to clarify any kind of intention that you want to the other person. If it is going to be casual, then this should be clarified before doing anything. This way, there would be minimal feelings involved if anything happens.

Also, you do not have to deal with a rather complicated mess after it ends. On the other hand, you can always say that you want a serious relationship instead. You should be prepared for any kind of answer though, as your partner will always have a say on the direction your relationship is supposed to go.

2. Keep away from messy topics

Another important thing that you should remember is to avoid any kind of topic that could steer the other person away. Unless you also want it, avoid opening any kind of topic about being serious as a couple especially if you know that you are not ready.

According to this article, the topic of exes should also be avoided, as this could just sour your relationship. Other subjects can also include family or friend-related ones as well as other personal information. However, you still need to get to know him or her before sleeping with them.

3. “Just Sex” Mentality

Just Sex” Mentality

You can always keep this in your mind as you try to navigate your relationship. It is just all about the physical aspect of lust. You can keep it that way for as long as you can, after all, you are both there for the same reason.

Aside from this, you can always redefine the boundaries of your relationship. It doesn’t have to be just sex as you can be friends with benefits. This might get messy later on, but you need to balance everything. It is also a complicated situation, so tread carefully. You might end up falling for a serious one, and that’s not bad at all. 

4. Be prepared for the consequences

This might sound ominous, but it is not as serious as you think it is. Even though commitment and connections might not be in your vocabulary, there will come a time that you will encounter these situations. Keep an open mind and be prepared as you might fall into the relationship that you may have not wanted. However, this might be the future that you want. Work hard for it, and it will be years. Anything can be achieved with a lot of time and effort.

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