Surprising and interesting facts about the female orgasm

There are many interesting facts that you probably don’t know about orgasms. Apart from the fact that they can blow your mind, they can also offer some amazing health benefits.

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During sexual intercourse, both men and women reach a climax point when they experience extreme physical pleasure. This crescendo moment is called orgasms, but the nature of orgasm and its intensity vary from one person to another. Female orgasm is a topic of scientific speculations as women can achieve it through clitoral and vaginal stimulation. Let’s find out some more surprising facts about the phenomenon of female orgasm.

Women can enjoy multiple orgasms

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Multiple orgasms are not a myth. Many women have experienced it for real. Men cannot enjoy multiple orgasms as just after ejaculation, their body becomes relaxed and they need to be stimulated again to reach a crescendo. In the case of women when they once reach the orgasmic state, the body does not return to its normal pace easily. They come down from their exulted state slowly. In the course of this period, they can achieve multiple orgasms if the lover continues to stimulate her. Around 70% women have reported to have experienced multiple orgasms.

Orgasm is a painkiller

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Orgasm can be the right dose of painkiller that you need. Science says that during orgasm a chemical named oxytocin is released inside the body. This chemical can make one feel relaxed and happier. It also reduces the feeling of pain temporarily. This may not be a permanent or long lasting solution for your body aches but it can definitely lift your mood.

Many women find it difficult to have orgasms

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If you are a woman who is worried about not being able to reach orgasm easily, then know that you are not alone. Around 30% grown up women cannot reach orgasm through vaginal sex. Ask your man to prolong the foreplay and offer clitoral stimulation for making you enjoy sex better. You may also consult a gynecologist to rule out medical problems. Sometimes oral pills and testosterone therapies can help a woman get back into the groove. Do not let the number of times you can orgasm lower your self-confidence. Try different poses and postures to enhance the chances of orgasm.

Women can enjoy intense clitoral and vaginal orgasms through both sex and masturbation. Multiple orgasms are not just another myth but reality for many. The capability of reaching orgasm may vary from one woman to another.

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