Talking dirty can spice up your regular intercourse session

Talking dirty in bed may sound so much like porn; but talking dirty can add a lot of fun and ease to spice up things in bed. It may be tough to be what you are not, but frankly it’s not as difficult as it may sound. You don’t have to go overboard and act as a porn star, you can however let your partner know what you’re liking and what you don’t want your partner to stop doing. It will only make things hotter. Here are a few ways to go about talking dirty in bed.

Why it’s important to talk in bed?

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If experts are to be believed, there is an epidemic of silent sex going around in the world. It’s not that people don’t want to be vocal in bed; it’s probably that they fear making the partner uncomfortable that way. Frankly those who speak about their feeling in bed have a more pleasurable sex experience. So, it’s important to talk and share feelings, likes and dislikes in your own individual way.

Accept discomfort initially and learn


If you are new to talking dirty, it’s likely you will feel uncomfortable in the beginning. It’s natural and it’s a phase that will pass. When you learn something, you face challenges and it’s the same here. When you are just introducing yourself to dirty talk, you don’t need to jump to any copy book scripts, jut react to how you’re feeling when you’re getting intimate.

There’s a chance that your partner is already vocal, it’s a good thing, you can take cues from him/her. Don’t ever force yourself into talking dirty, and you don’t have to talk everything in one night. So just let it flow with sessions and you will get there learning by the day.

Talk dirty; it’s just like sharing the feeling in the moment

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When it comes to what to say, focus largely on how you are feeling in the moment. Speak what’s catching your attention and what you are enjoying. Share the feeling in words with your partner. When taking and getting intimate, stay clear of using terms that gynecologist or urologist would use. Just be easy and cheeky and give your partner a feedback of your feeling through or after you’ve had sex.

Talking dirty in bed can help spice up the moment and solidify a relation. But when ever and whatever you say, be authentic, don’t fake or put up an act. Lot of people go wrong with sex talk, this is because they don’t stick true to how they are feeling in the moment and tend pretend, which put the partner off.

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