Understanding the true nature of sex after you get hitched

There have been several movies portraying a married couple drifting apart after many years of marriage due to their busy schedules and dwindling sex life. Even there are books on the same theme. It might make you wonder, exactly how much sex matters in keeping your marital relationship going.

Well, sex is definitely one of the most important ingredients for retaining the vigor of your conjugal life. Lack of sex leads to lack of intimacy between couples. It has been observed that a couple who does not have sexual intimacy for a long period does not communicate with each other properly. Gap in communication and lack of sex are two potential marriage destroyers and there is no doubt about it.

There can be numerous reasons why you and your partner have stopped having sex as frequently as before. Every relationship has its own dynamics and cannot be defined in general terms. The problems that each couple faces are unique in nature. Still there are some reasons, which play key roles in reducing the number of times partners in a long-term relationship enjoy sexual pleasures.


Man and woman united by the bond of marriage have sex exclusively with their conjugal partners. After, a few months or years the desire to have sex naturally decreases. Both men and women enjoy sex so much due to the joy and pleasure of exploring a new body. When the newness of sex subsides then couples feel less eager to rip the clothes off each other.

With the passage of time, most couples experience an acute lack of sexual desires. Boredom is also the reason behind so many extra-marital affairs. Marriage counselors and sexologists say that a lack in desire for your long-term partner is quite natural but you should not accept it and give in without a fight.

The only solution to this problem is to initiate sex even when you are not really feeling like it. Be more considerate about the feelings of your partner and indulge them if they want to have sex. The more sex you have the more of it you will want. Another serious reason behind lack of desire and a stagnant sex life is stress. Find out ways of reducing stress levels for better health and enhanced sex lives.


Sex is definitely one of the most important factors that keep a relationship going. Couples lose their interest in having sex with each other because of boredom and easy availability.

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