5 Sensual Sex Tips For Couples Above 60

Sensual Sex Tips For Couples Above 60

There comes a time when the sex craze between couples start to reduce. In any relationship, intimacy plays a very important role. Even 40 years of being married does not change this fact. Age is just a number. Just because you are old, it does not mean that you still cannot have fun. Well, given the fact that after a particular age, couples tend to lose out on something as important as physical intimacy, we have compiled a few easy sex tips for couples above 60. With these tips, you can revive your sex life in a very beautiful manner and relive your youth once again.

Talking dirty is how to enjoy your sex life after 60

Talking dirty

Communication is the key to any successful relationship. Well, even when it comes to sex, you can do the same. Talking dirty is great way to enhance your sex life. Even if you are in your 60’s, you can still bring in the intimacy factor between you and your partner by communicating what you feel. Sexting is also another way that you can start bringing in the mood.

Redefine your intimacy for sex tips for couples above 60

As you grow older, one of the biggest mistakes couples do is loose out on the intimacy factor. When you want to revive your sex life even if you are 60, the intimacy plays a big role. You can redefine your intimacy by doing things that you would have never thought about.

There is no harm in using sex toys

no harm in using sex toys

As we age, it becomes difficult for us to experience a perfect orgasm. Well, one such sex tips for couples above 60 that are very interesting are sex toys. You can easily go ahead and use the sex toys to your benefit so that it creates an interesting and intimate moment. Sex toys have become very popular amongst many couples.

Experimenting with sex tips no one told you about

To bring in a new change in your relationship, you have to experiment as much as possible. Sex is not just about expressing yourself to each other. It is also about how you can make each other happy. By experimenting, you broaden the possibilities of making each other happy in many ways.  Sometimes you can also try to experiment with new sex positions to bring in a change. The only thing you have to ensure is that you do not end up trying something that can hurt you in any way.

Create special moments to enjoy your intimate session


Another easy way to go ahead and enhance your sex life even after 60 is by creating special moments. It is not necessarily important that everything have to be restricted to your bed. You can easily bring in the mood of a good intimate moment by doing special things. These moments can be anything that ranges from watching erotic movies, going out for dates, or even planning something kinky. There are so many choices and options that you have.

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