Best and easy sex positions every couple should try  

There are too many sex positions to spice up your married life. But it’s not that everyone could practice all of them. You might be too fat, too slim, too small or for that matter, too tall to enjoy some of the sexual positions. However, we are to discuss some easy yet the best of the lot to make your experience even more convincing and vigorous than before.

Sex positions in your married life are instrumental in adding that bit extra fun that you might otherwise feel missing. Sex positions play an important role not only to bring the act to consummation but to bring an everlasting joy to your married life. A week repeats itself 52 times in a year, so one week or 7 days are very important in one’s life. If you want to spice up our sexual life, it’s important to follow proper sex positions. Discussing hereunder some of the sex positions that can spice up every night of yours.You may not get a bedroom to have sex every time, but still you can enjoy sex in standing up position. While she is working, just go behind her, give her a kiss so that she turns back and now you are ready for this position. It gives equal pleasure as you get when you are in bed.

Read through the lines bellow to know seven best and most commonly practiced positions to make your sex life a nice journey.

Missionary –


This is the most commonly followed sex position in the whole world. This is the time when your man is in command but you aren’t obviously a passive partner all the time. You may help decide the speed as per your choice and convenience. You can even do lip locking, have an eye to eye contact while the orgasm goes on and can also go on with intense kissing in this position.You may go slower or faster depending on your choice. Though the man drives the woman this time, but still she can be instrumental in controlling the pace by just putting her hands on his hips and guiding him go deeper or slower, again, as per choice. This position enables you to lock your lips and eyes as well as kiss passionately while his hips take all the fatigue.

Coital Alignment –

Coital Alignment

In order to reach orgasm, it is necessary that you are connected very well. This position allows better penetration and makes you reach your orgasm. The woman locks the man with her legs and the man can push faster and deeper into her. The pelvic bone should rub against her vulva and clitoris to give her intense pleasure.

Woman on top –

Woman on top 

In case you feel like asking your man what it is that makes him happy in the bed. What he will tell you, we bet, will put you on the driver’s seat.  Putting your women on the top, of course in the bedroom, not only helps you add a new experience but it makes the orgasm last longer. All you need to do is to lie down flat and stable while your women takes that proverbial fatigue away from you. You can always take the advantage of being in control and set the pace as per your liking. This is the most appealing position which a man loves because it’s time for him to relax and his women to drive or ride him. Lying flat on the bed, his woman does the entire job to make him happy like never before.

Side by Side –

Side by Side 

This position is great for more intimacy. Being on side by side, the woman can better control her guy’s penis like a sex toy. Kissing and hugging can be done simultaneously to bring more passion in sex.

Doggie Style –

Doggie StyleIn this position, the sex is done in a similar way as a dog and bitch do. Hence the name – Doggie style. It is one of the most commonly followed sex position around the world. Penetration from behind is a new experience altogether and makes your man feel as the king of your bedroom. The man can opt for a faster pace or for a slow but deeper penetration depending upon what suits him the best. However, the faster you go, the better you feel.In this position, your man is in control and it allows him to take the pace that suits him the best. It not only enables you to penetrate deeper but also make you feel a man and a king in your bedroom. Furthermore, the faster the speed, the better it is. You can drive her crazy with this style.

Reverse cowgirl –

Reverse cowgirl If you are on top of your partner and you suddenly reverse your position, or in other words ride your man backwards, the position is called ‘Reverse Cowgirl’. It puts you in commanding position and gives your G-spot a healthy dose of stimulation while at the same time; it is also possible for you to manually stimulate your clitoris. While your man has an amazing view of your posterior during the act, you enjoy it more than your partner does.Woman on top has already been described as the best position, but it also gives more pleasure when she reverses her position on the top.You feel like you are in heaven, but you might, though, miss the eye to eye contact and lip locking with him. However, that surely doesn’t mean it takes all the pleasure away as it’s a nice contrast to some of the romantic positions.

Standing up –

Standing up 

It’s not possible every time that you find a good place to relax and have sex, but that surely doesn’t mean you just need to hold your feeling back. You still can enjoy sex what if you are standing.  While she is working in the kitchen or somewhere in your home, just go behind her and give her a kiss so that she turns back and now you are ready for this position.

Spooning –


It’s not that you are always active for sex, you may feel lazy but still you can enjoy you sex life, spooning is the best way for doing sex when you are lazy.

Lap dance –

Lap dance

A chair is not always for sitting alone, you can enjoy sex on it too. Just sit on the chair and make her sit in your lap and let your rider do the rest of work. He can still feel your hairs, kiss you and make you feel more sensuous.

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