Best sex toys for women in 2017

Sex toys for women are a perfect way to add spice to your sex life. These toys create a spark in our sex lives. Let us have a look at the latest toys for women that are a hit in 2017.

Hitachi’s rechargeable magic want

For a greater orgasm, this magic want is perfect. Priced at $125, this quiet and light sex toy creates good vibrations that enhance the stimulation for a woman. It comes with multiple attachments that make your sex life more interesting.

Lelo Iris

Another addition in the list for Women sex toys 2017 is Lelo Iris; this 9” long toy is priced at $159 and has various modes available. This toy ensures it triggers the right mood and gives the best orgasm you can think of.  The curved tip makes it easy to use and is safe for women.

Eva Dame

For those on a budget, Evan Dame is the right choice. With a budget price of $105, this vibrator does not require any lingerie or strap to stay in place. The best thing about this toy is that it is rechargeable and hands free. It comes with a special USB cord that you can use to recharge the toy whenever you need.

Je Joue Mimi Soft

Sleek shape, multiple patterns and speeds, economically priced as well as a pretty color. This is what Je Joue Mimi Soft offers. For a price at $95, you can customize the settings to suit your preference. The soft silicon material makes it easy to use. The materials used for this toy is not harsh on the skin. The softness and feel of this sex toy is very similar to that of a pillow.

Tango We Vibe

Another toy in the list of the Latest toys for women to spice up a sex life is Tango We Vibe. You can easily get this vibrator online for the price of $79. The bullet shape of the viberator helps to create the right stimulation needed for a perfect time. You can easily bring this toy to use while you are having your intercourse without worrying about anything.

Picobong Transformer

For $99, the Picobong Transformer is available at Amazon and is another perfect addition to your list of interesting toys for spicing your sex life. This vibrator is a multifunctional one that has the functionality of the G-spot stimulator, rabbit viberator, prostate massager as well as various other sex toys. This one stop solution saves you the money and time you would invest on any other sex toy.

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