How morning sex is beneficial for avid lovers

Are the mornings soulless for both you and your partner? Is your everyday morning routine dull? Have you ever thought why you love the night? Have you ever paid attention to why night is blissful and cozy whereas mornings are miserable? Well, then you might be taking your mornings a bit too seriously. Now is the time for you to bring in a little romance and make you mornings a bit cheerful. Have some fun with your partner. Make some love early morning and start your day in a fulfilling manner. When it comes to early morning sex, it not only gives you a great start but also is great for you and your partner’s mood and health.

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Be loved in the morning

There is no better way than to start your morning with kisses from your beloved. Making love early morning when the sun is just about to rise is one of the most rejuvenating experiences. It not only makes you happy but also makes the day colorful and energetic. Experts have reported that those who have sex in the morning are happier and jolly than the rest who do not. Confirmed reports have also pointed out that if you make love in the morning the energy level soars twice higher than the normal.

Allow love to be in the air

Psychologists are of the opinion that the feeling of peacefulness and belongingness lingers throughout the day if you start your morning loving each other. The feeling of reassurance and being secure is what gives the much-needed elevating lift to your mood and keeps flowing through the day.

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Stay healthy

The Queen’s University of Belfast discovered that having morning sex drastically reduces the chances of heart attack and stroke. Morning lovemaking session improves blood circulation, thus reducing the pressure of blood. Another research has very successfully established that morning sex is a medicine to those of you who suffer from migraine, arthritic pain and inflammation. If you have recently developed diabetics, then morning sex will help you burn down around 300 calories.

The Killer look

If you desire that killer look for both yourself and your partner, the first think you got to do is love your partner early in the morning. Sex has proved to be the inner, miraculous beautician. The essential hormones released during lovemaking – especially estrogen – makes your face glow and hair shine.

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Be alert

The lovemaking session, early in the morning when you’re breathing in absolutely fresh air, keeps you active and alert throughout the day. The refreshing activity session brings an end to the eight hours’ night slumber.

Bearing the hassles with a smile

The memories of being busy in loving your partner early in the morning allow you to enter the office with a smiling face, which further helps you handle hassles with composure.

The benefits of morning sex are many. Morning sex is specially recommended for busy couples who are unable to manage time for each other due to various tasks. Not only does it lead to a healthy relationship but also a healthy you.

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