Reasons why anal sex is better than vaginal sex for women

why anal sex is better than vaginal sex for women

Many consider anal sex a taboo and it is surrounded by several myths. There is a common misconception that anal sex is painful and unhygienic. The truth is much different. Women seem to enjoy more orgasms when they have anal sex.

The biggest question that surrounds anal sex is – Does it really give the pleasure a person is looking for?

Well, to answer this question, the first thing that we have to get down to is a few basic facts about anal sexIn a way you can say, we have to get to know the myths and truths behind this form of sex. What you are going to read below is purely based on what I have experienced and how I learnt it.

Before getting into that zone, let us get to know a little bit about the anal region. In comparison to the vaginal region, the anal region is more sensitive as the walls of the anus are thinner than that of the vagina. This is why, when many people indulge into anal sex, they undergo a lot of pain.

Apart from the fact that anal sex offers stronger pleasurable sensations, it is also safer. In the last two decades the percentage of anal sex lovers has increased drastically. Let’s explore the reasons behind so much love for anal pleasure.

1. More orgasms for the ladies

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If you are someone who has always detested anal sex and tried to avoid it then now is the time to rethink. Women who have regular anal sex have reported to have enjoyed it more than even vaginal sex. It is true that the majority of female population still probably abhors the idea of anal sex and for many it might be impossible to have anal sex due to physical problems, but still we cannot deny that it can lead to double or triple orgasms. The intensity of anal orgasms is more than simple vaginal orgasms.

2. Saying yes to anal can lead to surprises

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The psychology of men and women play an important role in building their relationships. When you say ‘Yes’ to anal sex and give your man the control to pleasure your body, you will demonstrate your trust on them. A man needs to feel fully trusted and in charge to go that extra mile to give you pleasure.

Anal sex can create a secret bond between you and your partner. Exploring this new dimension of sex can rejuvenate and revive your relationship. But say ‘yes’ only when you truly want to or else pass it.

3. No worries about unwanted pregnancy

 unwanted pregnancy

Many a times the main thought that puts women off is unwanted pregnancy. Anal sex is a sure fire way of enjoying carnal pleasures without consequences like pregnancy. This is the reason why many couples who are not in conventional relationships have chosen anal sex over vaginal sex. However, anal sex does not protect you from STDs. You should still use condoms and lubricants for protecting yourself from diseases like herpes and pain.

Anal sex is becoming increasingly popular among women. Many women have reported that they get more intense orgasms from anal sex. Right techniques and a good lube can see you through the next session of anal fun.

4. Why anal sex stimulation is important

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Sex is a need that every human should have on regular basis. In fact even experts have conducted a variety of tests and studies to confirm that a person should have a sex life. The whole concept of sex is not about banging or letting out. It is about getting to your partner and yourself in many ways.  The different forms of sex create more excitement and fun. While getting intimate, trying new positions and styles of sex can enhance your sex life. Out of the different ways of having sex, people are still under contemplation about the pleasures associated with anal sex.

Proper anal sex stimulation is a must

What a lot of people do not realize is that before even indulging into this form of sex, you have to actually stimulate the region properly so that it does not hurt during penetration. In order to do so, you do have different kinds of anal play using sex toys like dildos or anal rings or the fingers. Even lubricants are useful to help you get the best experience of anal sex.

When it is not done correctly, anal sex can actually turn out to be one of the worst sexual experience a person may every have. Even experts who have conducted a variety of studies on this topic have expressed that this form of sex is actually as pleasurable as vaginal sex.

The anal is close to the rectum – this gives you more sexual pleasure

In order to enjoy anal sex the first question that will come in your mind is how to stimulate the anal region. Well, a person has to take it as slow as possible so that not too much of friction happens during penetration. After the region is properly stimulated, it can trigger the same satisfaction as that of vaginal sex.

We all are aware that studies have revealed that rectum stimulation is one of the best ways to enjoy sex. The anal region is very close to the rectum which means that getting into the rectum zone is easier. When the penetration is as deep inside that it reaches the rectum zone, it gives a person a better, energetic and satisfying sexual experience.

So how do we stimulate this region during foreplay?

As mentioned earlier, in order to enjoy anal sex proper anal sex stimulation is needed. For the stimulation, you can start it during the foreplay itself. Massaging the thighs and butts are the key to anal stimulation. The butt’s cheeks have pressure points that can help in stimulating the anal region properly.

During penetration, you would need to work your way towards the sphincter muscles AKA the anal ring. When you talk about the anal canal, the anal ring is the key to get in. You have to make sure that the sphincter muscles are relaxed.

Verbal guidance plays a vital role while indulging into anal sex. It is important for your partner to know what you are going through. The intense tension surrounding the area can easily be transformed into a pleasurable one when you partner knows what is going on. When it comes to intimacy, the chemistry that you and your partner share is very important. Every small detail that you speak about will only help your partner to understand what is going on.  For people who want to know how to stimulate the anal region, the guidance given by the partner will help them.

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