Ways to employ for stimulating her U-spot

Most couples in amorous relationship know about the G-spot but only few have knowledge about the equally potent U-spot which can make a girl squirm with pleasure. The potential of the U-spot as an erotic zone has been discovered recently by a clinical research team in USA. There are various ways of stimulating this soft and sensitive area. You can use the head of your penis, tongue or fingers for stimulating the U-spot. In the following vital guidelines regarding this has been discussed.

Where is the U-spot located?

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Before you begin the treasure hunt, you will need a route map. Well, the U-spot is located at the opening point of the urethra above the vaginal lips. Spongy, erectile tissues surround the urethral opening, which makes the U-spot extra sensitive to stimulation. The skin just above the spongy tissue is the actual U-spot.

Use your fingers

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If used sensibly and gently your fingers can tickle her U-spot to the extent of moaning. While stimulating your partner’s vagina slip your fingers through the vaginal lips and begin to stimulate the U-spot slowly. Do not be harsh or hurry as that will turn her off. The U-spot is best stimulated when the vagina is wet and she is already aroused. You can use to-and-fro thrusts with the finger and massage horizontally for making her completely aroused. Use a little lubricant or suck your fingers wet for reducing friction.

Play with the tongue

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Tongue is the best tool for stimulating her U-spot if you know how to move it. After toying with the U-spot with your fingers it is time that you use your tongue to take things further. Insert the tongue through the vaginal lips and tickle the U-spot. Also stimulate the area just above her clitoris after you insert your tongue. This will also tickle the U-spot.

Massaging her inner thighs and area behind her calves along with oral stimulation can make her a lot happier. Do not neglect her clitoris while stimulating the U-spot. If you can use fingers for rubbing the clitoris while using your tongue on the U-spot you will feel more pleasurable vibes.

Final stage

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When you and your lady love have reached a stage when both of you are ready for penetration, then use your erect penis head for stimulating her U-spot some more. You just have to rub the erect penis on her labia for sending vibes of stimulation through her vagina. Also insert the penis head and gently rub it on the U-spot before thrusting it inside.

Stimulation to the U-spot may not lead to orgasm directly but it helps in arousing a woman completely and making her desire you more. Skilful use of fingers, tongue and the penis head can stimulate the U-spot in no time.

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