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Popular dating app myths debunked

Online dating app is now taking the internet by storm as there is so much to talk about it. There has been lot told about dating app. Many say that online dating app are useless, or one should never trust this type of app and many more. Above all this, there is a lot of dating app myth debunks where not everything is true and there is no logic behind these. Let’s see some of the common myth related to online dating app which, at least in most of the cases, are not at all true.

 1.     Online Dating is Not Really Dating 

Online Dating is Not Really Dating 

There is this biggest myth that online dating is all fake and it is not considered as dating which is in a way not true. In today’s world, online dating is utilized as a platform to find ones potential partner with the help of dating tools like Tinder. A platform where two people take out time to know each other with the help of this app. The further process carried when they decide to meet up each other in person and decide to know each other and take their relationship ahead. This is sometimes turned out to be a strong relationship. In other words, when people who are connected from online platform start seeing each other in person is called dating and calling it a fake dating is not something true.

2.     It’s Only for Desperate People

 Desperate People

Many people considered online dating app as for the people who are desperate. Those have nothing to do in life or having free time, they spend their time at online dating app. This is far from the truth. One of the facts that there are so many people who date on the internet has successfully found their life partner through online dating app and it’s true.  It’s a myth that only desperate people are using online dating app and all the people are doing for time pass. There are so many people who do not have time to find or date anyone in person as they don’t have time to meet new people because of their work schedule. It’s ok to use an online dating app to know other people and meet them further in the future. It’s not a desperate action as the purpose is to get to know other people.

3.     Online Relationships are destined to fail

Online Relationship

Many people believe that if you ever find love online, the chances are it won’t last long. There is no logic in this to say how well online dating can last. You can’t judge a relationship as for where it started and how long it will last; it doesn’t matter how you met a person and how successful your relationship will be in the future. It all depends how strong your bond is and how you support each other whether you have met personally or through an online dating app. Online dating app just helps you to introduce someone who can turn out to be your preferred life partner. It’s a misconception and doesn’t go with the world. 

4.     Everyone makes a fake online dating profile

This is one of the biggest myths of the online dating app that whoever made his/her profile on the online dating app is laying. And most of the accounts are fake so if you are talking to a person, he might have fake profile and you can’t trust them. It’s true; people do lie on online dating profiles but for a reason that some people want to see in their life partner, like height weight, income or fake picture. They do lie but not all the people are the same and not all of them lie. Of course when you start to date online, you will meet them in person in future and you will find out where to head in future. So people can in themselves find out who is fake and who they can trust in real world.  

Here are a few things that you can avoid if you have already walked onto this path of online dating. 

It is definitely OK to have a girlfriend that you found on the Internet. You can be rest assured that the stigma of online dating no longer exists. Owing to the advancement of technology and lack of time for socializing, online dating is now commonly regarded as a convenient way of finding your right partner. If you are looking to join the bandwagon of online dating, then read on to find out common mistakes that you need to avoid. Online dating sites host thousands of profiles and competition is high. There are therefore several things you need to steer clear of when creating a profile on several of the online dating sites.

  1. Firstly be sure to bear in mind that first impression counts. So, definitely avoid posting wrong profiles pictures on the online dating sites. It is recommended that you post professional taken photographers so that your best self is represented on the profile.
  2. Never post pictures of you with other people or else you may find that potential matches might take an interest in your friends rather than you. This is the last thing you want when you are on the search for your Miss Right.
  3. Make sure that you develop an honest, decent yet captivating profile. Standard, generic messages like “I like movies,” “I am enjoy playing sports,” “I like to spend time with family and friends” are all clichéd. Think of new yet genuine catchphrases that will catch the attention of women and set you apart from the hundreds of other clichéd profiles.
  4. What you need to do is to avoid coming across as being just another guy with another boring profile. Women are attracted to men who have striking interests, have romantic inclinations and who are communicative about their feelings. So, understand this and highlight yourself in such a way that they will find you attractive and want to know more about you.
  1. While you are contacting women’s profiles, make sure you thoroughly read the profile before actually sending a message. Ensure that there is something common that you see in the profile worth pursuing.
  2. The last thing you want to do is to send a message to a woman who has nothing in common with you. Doing so will also give the women the impression that you are not being genuine at wanting to communicate with that person but instead just trying your luck with anyone you can get.
  3. Women take great care in reading a profile thoroughly before communicating with men on these dating sites. She will only contact you if she finds that there is something worthwhile in the profile in order to do so. Therefore, you should do precisely the same thing.

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