5 Hot cities for amazing outdoor sex opportunities this Valentine

amazing outdoor sex opportunities this Valentine

There aren’t many cities in the world that would offer you a gratifying atmosphere to enjoy ‘out of the bedroom’ sex with your sweetheart. Normally, in most of the countries having open sex is considered a taboo as an element of extreme vulgarity is believed to go with outdoor sex. There is again no point in having sex with your partner outdoors with a constant fear looming at the back of your mind for being caught in the act. You will never enjoy this way; your libido would take a backseat with dwindled enthusiasm! Here we give a sketch of outdoor sex opportunities with your partner in a few select countries:

1) Tenerife and Almeria beaches in Spain:

Spain is one of the most liberal countries encouraging nudity and outdoor sex. Public places like nudist beaches would give you a great ambience for a wild outdoor sex. Beaches like Tenerife and Almeria have picked up fame for inspiring open public sex. With no one to put an objection and no piece of legislation to slap prosecution, both of you would feel riding the apex of the world while being very much in the primitive act of pleasure. Leave all your tensions behind and drop your clothes. Plunge into the sea of love and have an exhilarating sex experience with your partner till you break the limits of intense ecstasy.

2) Rio de Janeiro, Brazil:

Rio de Janeiro in Brazil has some legendary nudist beaches where you can have a session of satisfying outdoor sex with your partner. The weather is amazingly bright with a feel of pleasant temperature. The Latin sun beats down on you and the surf, sand and lip-smacking sea food preparing the ground for the great moment. Finally, the liberal sex laws being in vogue, Rio would be the right city to have outdoor sex with your partner.

3) Paris, France:

Paris, the city of top grade style and modernity is not only the capital city of France but also the world capital for love and outdoor sex. Paris is full of open spaces, beautiful parks and wonderful walkways. The climate is sunny, and the food and wine unmatched. The very French air gives a sweet fragrance of love and sex. These entire romantic elements combine together to give you a relaxing platform for having a ground breaking outdoor sex with your partner.

4) Buenos Aires, Argentina:

This flamboyant and dynamic Argentine capital is charged with fun and frolic, which is more or less custom-designed for passionate love, romance and outdoor sex. This city is fondly nicknamed “Paris of Latin America”. This city is one of the hottest love making destinations. Its intense impact upon the romantic pairs seeking sex experience directly under the sun had been truly viral. Buenos Aires is, in fact, a fine blend of high profile sophistication and a fervent Latin passion for which Argentina had acquired a global fame.

The weather is satisfying with great outdoors and some of the deadliest beef steaks ever barbecued and served on your plate. In a nutshell, this vibrant Argentine high-tech city is sex friendly and would inspire you to have a memorable sex outdoors with your loving partner.

5) Copenhagen, Denmark:

Copenhagen, the Danish capital, is simply cut out for lovers. Cool outdoor sex and passionate romance have an unrestricted access in this colorful city with inhabitants gorgeously dressed offering a friendly feel-at-home ambience to the visiting tourists. Tivoli garden is a famous landmark, and there are other wonderful parks and tree lined avenues for lovers to spend very intimate moments. The attitude of the locals towards sex is very liberal, and the food is exquisite with an assortment of famous Danish cheese and pastries. Outdoor sex in Copenhagen could be a very exciting journey.

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