All about the Candle sex position

This is man on top position with the woman lying on her back like in the missionary position but with her pelvic region raised above the ground and her knees are facing towards her head which may be on the pillow so that it is also raised a little. The male counterpart then penetrates her from the front on his knees and upper body in the upright position. This is good position after missionary and may be after presses or half-pressed position in which the female counterpart lays her raised legs on to the male counterpart’s chest. This position is high on eroticism and arousal, as male has free hands to fondle with females breasts, can kiss between the thrusting and female can stimulate her clitoris during the lovemaking.


 Candle sex position explained


To get into the candle position female lays down on the bed on her back. She puts pillow beneath her buttocks so that it is little raised above the surface and she can also place a pillow beneath her neck to get the support. After that, female raises her legs and bending towards her body. Then the male counterparts job is straightforward, as he sits on his knees and enters her from the front and both partners face each other. After entering the female partner, he straightens his body, so that he is in upright position. After insertion, he starts the strokes first slowly and gently and afterwards he speeds up the frequency. During the thrusting, he can hold her legs and can push them towards the female chest or towards him so as to change the angle of penetration. This position of lovemaking can be highly satisfactory to the female as well as the male counterpart. During the coital, female can help herself by rubbing her clitoris to increase the arousal and stimulation.


How it ensures maximum satisfaction?


This position rates high on the scale of sexual satisfaction as females buttocks are raised above the surface with the help of cushion or pillow and her legs are bent towards her body. As a result, it creates very good angle for the male counterpart and the penetration is deep inside the female vagina. Therefore, males love this position and they achieve higher level of sexual satisfaction. As the females body is raised above the ground and the male counterpart is sitting upright, this position ensures g-spot stimulation. Additionally, the female can also physically stimulate her clitoris by rubbing it with her hands. Overall good position for both male and female partners for sexual satisfaction.


 Precautions, if any


In the Candle sex position, female counterpart is lying on her back and the legs bended towards her, so female performing this position should have highly flexible body otherwise female can get hurt. Also, it is man on top and straightforward position so males should not get carried away during the coital and take care of the speed of strokes, as greater frequency of strokes can hurt the female.


Male dominant sex position in which the male enters the female from the front while sitting on his knees and female is lying on her back like a missionary position but legs raised in the air. However, unlike the yawning position in which they are facing in the ceiling, she bend legs towards her body. Apart from this, the female’s buttocks are raised above the ground with the help of some cushion or pillow.


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