Important hygiene habits women need to maintain after sex

hygiene habits women need to maintain after sex

Hygiene is very important and essential for a healthy life. While we emphasis on proper hygiene habits before and after food, when we are on a road trip etc. it is also important to have proper hygiene habits after sex. Important hygiene habits after sex is essential for a healthy lifestyle. Here are a few essential tips that you can follow.

Peeing after sex


To prevent infections in the urinary track, it is essential to ensure that you pee after having sex. This helps to prevent any infection that may be a result of an active sexual life.

Washing hands

Another after sex hygiene that is important is washing the hands. This will help the preventions of germs spreading. During sex, apart from body fluids, gene germs are passed from one person to another, this is why it is important to ensure that you wash your hands properly.

Have a shower


One of the most essential ways to keep healthy is by having a shower. This is essential especially if you have unprotected sex. During a sexual intercourse, the sweat that retains can lead to various infections, having a bath will help you to stay clean as well as make you feel fresh.

Do not wash just the private area immediately after sex

Another way to prevent infections is to avoid washing the intra vaginal area. This is because after sex, a woman has a lot of moisture in the vaginal area, by washing you are only adding to the moisture content, which can result to infections and skin problems.  The only time it is advisable to wash is when you plan to have a bath.

Drink water

Drink water

Considering the amount of energy that goes out during sex, it is important to ensure that you stay hydrated. While juices may help, however, having water is a better choice. This will help in preventing the dehydrated feeling you may experience after sex.

Avoid having sex if there is an infection

Just in case any one of the partners has an infection, it is best to avoid having sex. In case you do indulge into a sexual intercourse, it is important to wash yourself as part of Healthy after sex hygiene habits. It is also advisable to use an antibacterial and anti fungal soap and powder to prevent infections from spreading.

Oral hygiene



Those who indulge into various oral based sex, it is important to ensure that you keep in mind your oral hygiene. Brushing your teeth, gargling and using a medicated mouthwash are just a few things you can do for oral hygiene.

Stop being embarrassed about sexual hygiene

Many women feel embarrassed in talking about their vaginal hygiene routine and yeast infection problems. Always remember that the problems you face are common enough and voicing out the problems will help you in finding the necessary answers. Every woman should know what a healthy vagina is and how to maintain hygiene. In the following you will find the right answers.

What is vaginal health? 

vaginal health

The vagina is naturally moist and also acidic. Inside the vagina there are beneficial bacteria which help in protecting it and maintaining its health. The good bacteria fight with germs and infections. Decrease in the level of these natural bacteria makes the vagina vulnerable to harmful and infectious bacteria. Saliva keeps our mouth functional and cleaner. Just like that the vagina also produces discharge which keeps it clean and fresh. The bacteria in your vagina also help in maintaining the normal pH balance. Decline in the number of bacteria will change the pH level and cause health disorders.

Douching is not that good

Women who worry too much about their vaginal hygiene tend to douche. Douching is generally believed to help in cleaning the vagina and reduce chances of infections. Some women also douche after having sex to prevent pregnancy. Sadly, scientists have found that douching does not prevent pregnancy and affects the pH balance of this vital organ. If your vagina smells bad then see a doctor. Douching with sweet smelling substances is a temporary solution. Ignoring the vaginal problems can lead to health disorders and diseases.

Choose bottom wear carefully

Choose bottom wear carefully

Tight clothes might make you look more attractive but wearing them for long hours cannot be good for your vaginal health and hygiene. Tight pants, hot-pants and synthetic underwear make your vagina sweat more and increase the chances of diseases. Wear soft materials which are also loose. Cotton is a good choice. Breathable material and natural fabrics let air circulate through the vaginal area and keep it dry. Wear comfy clothes to keep your vagina happy.

Healthy diet is important

Healthy diet also helps in maintaining your vaginal health. To prevent yeast infections you can eat more of cranberry juice and yogurt. Soy products can help in reducing the dryness of vagina. Also eat lots of fruits and veggies for nourishing your body and keeping healthy. Improvement in overall health will also help in enhancing vaginal health.

Visit your gynecologist

Visit your gynecologist

Do not neglect gynecological problems. It is always good to check with a specialist instead of hiding a problem and letting it increase. The gynecologist might run some tests and conduct proper diagnosis.

Change your undergarments regularly 


Washing, cleaning and changing your undergarments everyday is the ground rule of vaginal hygiene. Do not wear the same undergarments everyday without washing. It will accumulate dirt and vaginal discharge. As a result you may get contaminated and your vagina may be affected by yeast infection.

Use condoms for safety

Use condoms for safety

Women who indulge in sex without protection or rather condoms often get affected by STDs and infections. Apart from genital herpes, HIV and other dire diseases you can also get infections which will cause irritation. Women are afraid to speak about their gynecological problems but this can put them in high danger. Wear comfortable clothes and do not use douching for cleaning the vagina.

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