The attributes and prerequisites of a truly satisfying sexual experience

SEX, an important part of life, which everybody wants to experience and enjoy, isn’t as easy as it sounds on the first go. Satisfying sex is something which is not as easy to achieve. For satisfying sex it is really important that both partners feel sexual pleasures in all stages to making love to their partner. Communication of emotions is an essential ingredient for a truly satisfying sex life according to a new research. Going by the new report, personal attributes like self esteem and autonomy also play a great role in sexual pleasure and health.


Communication and interaction are the keywords that increase the flexibility of sex and the pleasure hence achieved. One has to keep in mind the emotions of each other, and only once both the partners are truly satisfied with their experience, they can have a successful sex life. To achieve this, the perspective of both partners is equally important. Sex is one game, where both the players have to contribute for the pleasure of the opposite partner.

To provide a truly gratifying sexual experience to your partner, you first have to believe in your own self-worth and then start by taking your partner’s likes and dislikes into consideration. Your partner might like a move, which you’re not comfortable with, however to make sure that your partner considers your likes and dislikes, you must first start by taking the strong decision of forgetting your own pleasure for a while and then waiting for your partner to give you a similar response.


While considering about your partner’s needs is essential for both the sexes, it is most important in males as a research points out that during sex 87 percent of all men have orgasms, while in females the percentage drops to just 47 percent.

Women mostly take this into consideration when performing oral sex, as this type of sex is mostly enjoyed by the male partner; however, it isn’t a great deal for a woman. According to the research, men are more inclined towards giving and receiving oral sex, while women don’t necessarily like it.


Another attribute one must possess for truly satisfying sex is emotions. Researchers say that emotions are very important to conclude with sex as it is the starting of you getting close to your partner in the bedroom. Empathetic individuals are more responsive to their partner’s needs and try to satisfy their partner just as much as they themselves want to be.

Women, who are more emotional than men, try to satisfy their partner by keeping in mind their own wish and perspective. Sexual satisfaction is the game of mutual give and take, you cannot ask for more when you don’t have the skills and the emotions to take your partner’s pleasure to the next level. Moreover, for the same, an open communication between both partners also plays an important role.

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