The Grip Kamasutra sex position


The grip sex position is a mixture of missionary and the g-force position. In this position, female partner lies down on her back on the bed and raises her lower body above the ground, but instead of her legs resting on the shoulders of male counterparts, she wraps her legs around the waist of male counterpart, unlike the g-force position. This is a very deep penetration position and the female experience very high g-spot stimulation as she is hung around the waist of male partner, which renders very exciting angle for both the counterparts. This is a male dominated sex position and requires great flexibility, but the female counterpart is comfortable in this position compared to the g-force position, as she is holds herself by clinging to the male counterpart.

Grip sex position explained

To get into this position, female partner needs to lie down on her back on the bed or flat surface with legs spread out, like in the missionary position. Then the male partner sits on his knees in front of the female counterpart and holds her waist to raise her thighs and lower body area above the ground and brings her closer to his pelvic region. After getting into the right position, the male partner enters the female counterpart, while she wraps her legs around him at the waist level and locks them behind his back. Like the g-force position, it is a very good position for deep penetration. In this position, the male have full leverage during the lovemaking, as he can change the depth as well as the angle of penetration by bending forward or backwards. As it is male dominant position, the female partner has little role to play but, as explained above, she wraps her legs around him to thrust up and down during the coital, depending on her degree of arousal and stimulus.

How it ensures maximum satisfaction?

This position ensures very deep penetration, as the male penetrates the female from the front and above her body. Due to the clasping position of the female counterpart and her body raised above the ground, this position ensures high g-spot stimulation. Man can thrust himself hard to achieve the orgasm as he does not need to hold the female with the thighs like the g-force position. It’s a good potion for vaginal as well as anal sex.


This position should be avoided if the female partner has history of back problems, as she has to be always on her head and shoulders during the lovemaking. Initially this position may look little clumsy but it can be quite satisfying afterwards.



Essentially a variation of the g-force position, but it is little easier to perform as compared to the g-force position. As explained above, it is a male dominant position, but female has some role play, as she can also help in the thrusting and the gyrations by moving up and down. On the scale of penetration and g-spot stimulation, it is ranked quite high. Good position to reach orgasm.


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