Condoms: Everything that You Need to Know About Them

Condoms Everything that You Need to Know About Them

Think protected sex sucks? Well, it doesn’t – you’ve just been using the wrong type of condom. The right kind of condom won’t only make sex safer; it’ll make it better too.

In this post, William from Mr Mind Blowing will be explaining all the different types of condoms out there and the differences between them. We’ll also be sharing our favorite condom brands and showing you how to pick out the right condom for you, one that’ll take your sex life to the next level.

Ready? Let’s get started!

10 Different Types of Condom Available

colorful condom on white backgroundBuying condoms can be overwhelming as there are so many different types to choose from. To choose the right one for your needs, you’ll need to consider what both you and your partner would enjoy.

Getting a comfortable fit is important, but it’s also a good idea to choose a style that will enhance both partner’s pleasure. Below are the most common types of condoms available and an explanation of what they’re good for.

1.    Generic Condoms

If you’re in a pinch and you pick up some condoms from a local convenience store, you’re likely to find yourself with a very generic condom.

They will be unflavored, medium thickness, and average-sized so as to meet anybody’s needs. This type of condom is ok if you just need to grab some before heading to the club, but it’s a better idea to consider different condom types so that you get something that will work better for your specific needs.

2.    Ultra-Thin Condoms

The main complaint that people have when using condoms is that the rubber is too thick, and it causes them to have less feeling in their penis during sex.

As a result of this, many common condom brands also have an ultra-thin option available. Although the thinner rubber will make splitting a little more likely, it could greatly enhance your enjoyment if you’ve previously had problems climaxing while wearing a condom.

3.    Spermicidal Condoms

Spermicidal condoms are perfect for people that want to be extra careful when it comes to pregnancies. The outside of spermicidal condoms is coated with spermicide, a chemical that kills sperm before it can enter the uterus.

Although they feel a little slippery on the outside, spermicide is not a lubricant, so if you feel that you need to use some lube, don’t rely on the condom. Use a water-based lube instead.

4.    Flavored Condoms

Flavored condoms are great for making oral a little more enjoyable. Unfortunately, it is possible to catch STIs when giving oral, so it’s best to stay protected by using a condom, even when giving blowjobs.

Generic condoms tend to have a faint rubbery taste that isn’t very pleasant, so you should go for a flavored condom if you plan on giving head. Common flavors include strawberry and chocolate, but you can also get more exotic flavors if you buy online or from specialist condom stores.

5.    Latex-Free Condoms

Most condoms contain latex. However, latex is a common allergen, so many brands have now released Latex-free condoms to cater to those with allergies. In addition to this, some types of latex are non-biodegradable, so the latex-free brands tend to be popular amongst vegans and eco-conscious people.

Almost all condom brands offer at least one latex-free option, but if you have a lot of allergies, it might be best to go for a brand that is specifically focused on making their condoms as natural as possible.

6.    Ribbed and Spotted Condoms

Ribbed and spotted condoms are designed to enhance female pleasure during sex. The feeling of rubber in the vagina isn’t always that pleasant for women, but ribbed and spotted condoms can help to make the experience much more enjoyable.

The textures on the condom should help to increase vaginal stimulation and help you to hit all the right spots to ensure your lover has a satisfying orgasm.

7.    Lubricated

Lubricated condoms are perfect if you need a little help slipping in. One problem with condoms is that they are not compatible with all types of lube, and you have to be careful that you don’t use a lube that will damage the condom you are using.

With lubricated condoms, you don’t need to worry about applying lube as the outside of the condom is already coated in lube. Lubricated condoms are great if you plan on having anal sex, or if you or your partner suffers from vaginal dryness.

8.    Novelty

If you want to make using a condom a little more fun or you have a special occasion coming up, a novelty condom may be just what you need. You can get condoms that glow in the dark or ones that are shaped like Pikachu. You can even get a giant ribbed condom with Barak Obama’s face on.

Although they’re all good fun, novelty condoms tend to be a little impractical, and they can be hard to get on, especially if they’re strangely shaped.

9.    Desensitizing Condoms

Although most people want to increase sensitivity when wearing a condom, a lot of people also want to reduce sensitivity. This is a good idea for people that suffer from premature ejaculation and want to prolong their sexual sessions.

Desensitizing condoms have a special lubricant inside, which reduces sensitivity and helps guys last longer before shooting their load. You can also get condoms that do the exact opposite of this and have a tingling lube inside to provide extra stimulation.

10. Female Condoms

Although they are less popular than male condoms, female condoms are a great option for preventing pregnancy and reducing the likelihood of catching STIs. Female condoms are just like a male condom but in reverse.

Usually, they have a sponge at the end of the sheath that is inserted into the vagina. Once inside, the sponge soaks up any sperm, and the sheath is held in place at the opening of the vagina.

Female condoms are just as safe as male condoms but they are a lot less common and they can sometimes be hard to pick up from the drugstore. If you’re interested in buying them it’s best to buy online. Cupid’s Angel Female condoms are an excellent, easy to use option.

What to Think About When You’re Buying Condoms

Shot of smiling young woman holding condom ready to use for safe sex Now you know about all the different types, there are a few other things you should consider when choosing which type of condom is right for you and your partner. Below is a checklist of things to think about before shopping for condoms.

1.    Size

All condoms are not made equal, or at least not when it comes to size. It’s a good idea to take some measurements of your love length before buying condoms, as it will really help you to feel more comfortable in the bedroom.

An ill-fitting condom can be problematic for many reasons. Too big, and it will slip off easily and be uncomfortable to wear. Too small, and you may struggle to get it on, and it will be equally uncomfortable to wear.

Thankfully there are quite a few different sizes of condoms to choose from, so if you have an idea of how well endowed you are it should help you to choose between an extra-small, regular or extra-large design.

2.    Packaging

Condoms come individually wrapped, and they’re most commonly wrapped in small, square, foil packages. However, these little packages can be really hard to get open when you’re fumbling around in the dark.

If you find it hard to stay in the moment when you’re putting on your condom, consider this when you are choosing which condoms to buy. Opting for a style that has an easy-to-open packet could help to make your sexual experience that much more enjoyable.

3.    Price

In the drugstore, there tends to be a little variance in price between different brands of condoms. However, you can pay more if you want to buy a premium brand of condoms, and paying more is not necessarily a bad thing.

Premium condom brands may use better materials, nicer packaging, and they may also have better and more effective designs. If you don’t have the budget for the premium brands, then generic brands are fine too. However, steer clear of buying cheap unbranded or unpackaged condoms without an expiration date as you can’t really be sure if they’re still good to use.

4.    Expiration Date

If you’ve had a condom sitting in your wallet for the last few years, it’s likely to be expired and you need to go out and buy some new ones.

Expired condoms are super dangerous, as they may already have started to biodegrade, and this means that they may split easily or be completely ineffective. Always check the date on your condom before using it, especially if you didn’t buy it yourself, or you bought it from a vending machine in a club.

If you do need to replace the unused condoms that are sitting in your drawer or your wallet, we’ve got you covered. Keep reading for recommendations of the best condoms to buy in 2022.

Top 8 Condoms Brands in 2022

Here at Love Nest, we believe that having sex using a condom should be just as enjoyable as going bareback; you just have to buy the right condom! Here is a list of the 8 best condom brands to buy from in 2022.

1.    Psang

PsangGreat for Easy Opening

Psang is a Malaysian condom brand that is keen to reinvent the condom experience. They wanted to get rid of the fumbling and inconvenience that’s involved with using generic condoms, so they designed a new line of condoms that would be perfect for just about anybody.

The condoms come in an easy-to-open cup that can be opened with just one hand! The designers also worked hard to eradicate the unpleasant rubber smell that is a common occurrence when using regular drugstore condoms.

The packaging of the condom looks discreet, which is great for ladies who like to carry their own condoms. They also come in various sizes, textures, and flavors (including bubble gum flavor!) and have a size specifically designed for Asian guys.

2.    Green Condom Club

Green Condom ClubGreat for Vegans

If you like to keep it green in the bedroom then the Green Condom Club is the perfect condom brand for you. They have specifically designed their condoms to be completely vegan and gluten-free so that you can enjoy unadulterated, environmental-guilt free sex.

The condoms come in 4 different sizes to suit almost anyone’s needs. The discreet packaging is thin and rectangular so as to reduce carbon emissions. Overall, the condoms are thin, comfortable, and aroma free to increase pleasure for both partners. Green Condom Club tests their condoms multiple times to guarantee quality and provide the best protection. No testing is ever conducted on animals.

3.    Lovability Inc

Lovability IncGreat For Empowered Women

There’s nothing worse than meeting an awesome guy on a night out, going back to his place, and getting into the bedroom only to realize that he’s totally unprepared, and expected you to bring the condoms.

Unfortunately, this happens all too often, so ladies, it’s time to take it on ourselves to be prepared for casual and impromptu pleasure. The only real problem with condoms is that they often look masculine, and may not be something you want a guy to accidentally find in your purse on the first date.

Thankfully, Lovability has thought about this problem and created a super cute, aesthetic AF condom that wouldn’t look out of place in a purse.

These 100% natural vegan latex condoms were created with girl power in mind, so they’re ultra-thin and premium quality, so that you don’t need to worry about discomfort. The brand even sells super cool tins to store your condoms and branded lubes and self-love sprays. Seriously ladies, if you want to live in a gender-equal world, these are the condoms you should be using.

4.    Cupid Limited

Cupid LimitedGreat for Flavor Lovers

Cupid is the perfect brand if you’re keen to get your hands on a high-quality flavored condom. All of their products are premium and are available in 3 different flavors; Paan, Strawberry, and Chocolate. Cupid is the perfect brand if your woman doesn’t really like condoms as they are created with female pleasure in mind.

Aside from the flavors, you can also get Cupid condoms that are textured with dots or multi textures for extra vaginal stimulation. If you want to treat your woman to a night of pure pleasure, Cupid is the way to go.

5.    LELO HEX


Great for The Well Endowed

Lelo Hex ignited the condom space with its innovative hexagonal and textured condom design, but since then the brand has become better known for catering to those lucky guys that need an extra-large condom.

The Lelo Hex Respect XL is one of the most generously sized condoms on the market. The Hex Respect is made from premium materials and it’s also ultra-thin, so you can enjoy a comfortable size as well as a super thin and strong feel.

6.    Okamoto

OkamotoGreat For The Smaller Gentleman

If you’re looking for something a little smaller, Okomoto is definitely the brand to go with.

Okamoto is a Japanese brand and caters to guys who have smaller or less girthy penises. One of the best designs is from the brand Zero Zero Three. As well as having a slightly smaller design, they also have a super-thin feel (0.03MM hence the name) and this allows for more heat transfer and increases sensation for both partners.

They also use a powdered lubricant which makes for an extra smooth and satisfying ride. If you’ve previously struggled to find a premium condom that doesn’t get baggy and has a nice tight fit, Okamoto condoms are definitely worth a try.

7.    Rough Rider

Rough RiderGreat for Female Pleasure

Rough Rider regards itself as ‘the original studded condom’ and it’s definitely a hit with the ladies. Whether or not they were the original, they are definitely one of the best brands to go with if you’re looking to satisfy your woman with pure pleasure.

The condoms have a thin and durable feel, but the studs are strong and abrasive, which is just what any woman wants from a condom.

The only real drawback with this condom is that they are only available in one size and this may be a little problematic for larger guys. Some people have complained that the condoms are quite narrow at the base, so steer clear if your penis is longer or thicker than average.

8.    Durex Latex Free

Durex Latex Free

Latex Free

If you think that you may have an allergy to latex, it’s best to stay safe and choose a latex-free condom. There are a lot of different latex-free condoms available on the market now, so you have a lot of options, but personally, I believe that you can’t go wrong with Durex.

Durex is market leaders in the condom industry and they make a condom for pretty much any purpose. Their latex-free condom is both comfortable to wear and durable, so you can enjoy sex without having to worry. The condom is made from polyisoprene, which is a common alternative to latex, and it shouldn’t cause any reactions.

The only thing to note is that they are pre-loaded with a silicone-based lube, so if you have a known allergy to silicone, it may be best to go with another brand.

How to Put On a Condom Sexily

Condom in handEven if you’re using the best condom ever, it can still be a little hard to get a condom on without ruining the moment or interrupting the fun. However, it can be done and these tips should help you to get better at putting on a condom in a sexy and sensual way.

1.    Choose an Easy to Put On Condom

Life gets a lot easier if you choose a condom that has easy-to-open packaging. Condoms like the Psang condom listed above are designed to be opened with one hand, which would leave one hand free for you to keep your woman stimulated.

It’s also really important to make sure you’re using the right size condom for your penis. If your condom is the right size, it will slip onto your cock with ease. If it’s too small or too big, you’ll find it a lot harder to get it on.

2.    Relax and Stay in The Mood

The best thing you can do when you’re using a condom is to wait for the right moment to put it on. Any woman will tell you that there’s no such thing as too much foreplay, so stay calm, relax into the situation and wait for a convenient time put on the condom.

If you choose the wrong moment, you’ll be in a mad rush to get it on and that will only make it harder for you. Getting distracted can cause you to start to go soft and this will only make it more difficult to get the condom on. If you’re fully in the mood, thanks to some drawn-out foreplay, you’re unlikely to even notice the distraction of putting on the condom because you’ll be so eager to keep going.

3.    Get Everyone Involved

Putting on a condom doesn’t have to involve you turning your back or slipping into the corner to put it on yourself. It can be just as sexy as any other type of foreplay if you treat it as such.

When the time is right, get the condom out and suggest that you put it on together. You could even get your woman to put it on you whilst giving you head or a handjob. Try to focus on what your woman is doing rather than putting on the condom and this will ensure that your penis stays hard whilst she slips the condom into place.

Again, don’t rush the process, take all the time you need, stay sexy, and it won’t interrupt the fun at all.

Benefits of Using a Condom

Woman holding condom and sexy man lying on viewAlthough many people have negative opinions about using condoms, there are many benefits to using them. Here are some of the main perks of wrapping it before you tap it.

1.    They Can Prevent Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a great thing, but only if you’re expecting it. If you’re not in a long term relationship or you have no real intention of having a child, unplanned pregnancy can be really scary.

The safest way to ensure that you don’t get pregnant is to use birth control of some description. Ladies can use birth control such as pills and implants to prevent pregnancy, but if you want to make sure that nobody’s going to be getting pregnant, then it’s always a good idea to use a condom.

2.    They Prevent STIs

Sexually transmitted infections and diseases are no joke, and you want to make sure that you steer clear of them wherever possible. Condoms are the only form of birth control that will also help you to avoid catching STIs.

If you’re sleeping with lots of different people, or you’re unsure who your partner is sleeping with, always use a condom. You don’t want to find out the hard way that your partner hasn’t been taking the same precautions with other sexual partners.

3.    You Can Enjoy Casual Sex More

If you’re currently exploring your sexual side, you may find that you’re having more casual relationships and sleeping with lots of different people. This is all good fun, and you should be able to enjoy your sexual escapades as much as possible.

However, if you’re a woman and you’re only using birth control like pills or implants, you might be nervous that one of your partners has an STI. Similarly, if you’re a guy, you might feel concerned that the woman you’re sleeping with isn’t being completely honest about her birth control method.

Both of these scenarios can make casual sex much less enjoyable, so it’s a lot easier to just use a condom with each partner you have sex with.

4.    Easy Clean-Up

One way that many guys try to avoid getting women pregnant is by pulling out before they’re about to cum.

This method is a little risky and not recommended by us, but it can also be a particularly messy option too. When you pull out, the enjoyment of your orgasm might be affected by the thought that you’re going to make a big mess on the bedsheets.

When using a condom, you don’t have to pull out, and you don’t need to worry about clean up. As long as you hold the condom tightly and pull out before your penis has gone soft, you should be able to whip the condom off and discard it with no mess or hassle.

But remember, it’s not advisable to flush condoms down the toilet. When you get a chance, wrap them in some tissue and discard them in the trash can so that they get disposed of properly.

Downsides of Using a Condom

naked man with a condom in his handsAlthough condoms are one of the safest birth control methods, some people just don’t like them, and there are reasons for this. Here are the main reasons that some people don’t like using condoms, and possible solutions to these problems:

1.    Putting a Condom on Can Be Distracting

When you’re in the moment, and you’re ready to start having sex, it can be pretty distracting to start putting on a condom. You have to unwrap the packaging and slip it on all without losing your boner, and this can sometimes be a challenge.

If you choose the right condom you should be able to combat this, but it could take you a couple of tries before you become a real pro at putting on condoms.

2.    It Can Cause Loss of Sensation

Some people believe that wearing a condom can cause a loss of sensation for both men and women. The real feel of skin-on-skin is thought to be more satisfying and stimulating. This is a downside of using condoms, as there is no real way to completely ignore the fact that there is a layer of rubber between your penis and her vagina.

If you’ve had this problem using condoms, it’s not a good idea to give up on condoms altogether. Many brands make ultra-thin and real feel condoms. These types of condoms are designed to give you more sensation and might be just what you need.

3.    You May Not Like the Feel

Lots of people complain about the way that wearing a condom feels and many women also find being penetrated by a condom clad cock quite uncomfortable.

The friction created during sex when wearing a condom can lead to vaginal dryness which is unpleasant for both parties. If you want to combat this, lube is the way to go. Try a lubricated condom or use a lube that is compatible with the type of condom you are using.

4.    Some People Are Allergic

As we mentioned above, Latex is a common allergen, and if you haven’t used a condom before you may not even know that you’re allergic until you already have a nasty rash. This is a drawback of latex condoms, but latex-free condoms are quite common. If you have any concerns that you might be allergic, switch to Latex-free condoms as soon as you can.

5.    They Can Split or Tear

Although they are one of the safest birth control methods, you can’t be 100% sure when using a condom. Good condoms are made to last, and they don’t tend to tear easily, however, it can happen. If you’re really concerned about pregnancy, it’s a good idea to use other methods of birth control as well as a condom to have the best chance of avoiding any accidents.

Final Thoughts

Although there may be a few downsides to using a condom, we still highly recommend using them, especially if you’re having casual sex with many different people. It’s absolutely the best way to stay safe whilst still enjoying sex. As long as you choose the right type of condom, your sexual encounters should be just as enjoyable as they are without one.

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